Monday, July 22, 2013

Baseball And Observations

 Drew has had a wonderful baseball season.  This is our first time playing with a tournament team.  It is a big commitment and does take lots of time. It has been a good experience for him and is good for his confidence. On another note some people take it to far. I really want my kid to play well and yes he has talent but do I really think this is the most important thing in life? No!! I do think it is easy to get wrapped up in this sort of thing but what is most important is my kids character.  I have seen one to many parents this season get mad at a large array of issues and have even experienced the scene of a father verbally abusing his son by calling him a girl and saying cry babies will never play infield.  It broke my heart and the other mom's heart who was with me watching.  At one point I almost thought I was on that show What Would You Do? with John Quinones. All I could think was thank you for making another great citizen to our society because he is going to be just like you when he grows up. After that night I could not sleep wondering what I should have said to the eight year old boy that had tears in his eyes. 
 It's loads of fun cheering on your team and watching the kids improve each game. When is to far, and when is the pressure to much for little kids? With us we are going to do what is best for our family depending on what season of life we are going through. We hope that he continues to play baseball but if he doesn't it is not our choice. Parents need to stop living vicariously through their kids and their achievements!! It is so easy to get sucked in because if they have a bad game or strike out you start to worry. If they are playing well then my goodness if we keep this up we may have a college scholarship. Kidding!!!  My biggest observation has been that there are a few adults that act like children and ruin it for the kids who just want to have fun and win. The pressure is high for  kids and some of these dads act like children if things don't go their way. My friend Tonia wrote a wonderful blog post on being grounded with your faith first and I could not agree anymore.  It is seriously one of the best blogs posts I have ever read I love her honesty and heart!!
 I love this picture, this is what it is about. Rob loves our boys and what is most important to us is that they become Men of God with a heart that loves the Lord first.
 Drew always hustles and has a great attitude, I'm proud that he is tries so hard.
He is good and has great hands, he normally plays second base or pitcher. He is always getting hurt though by sliding in hard or taking a ball off some body part. He is going to give me a heart attack!!

 I call him the Terminator when he wears his glasses
 Lets all remember these are just kids, they make mistakes, coaches volunteer, umpires are human, very few kids make it to play even in high school. If your kid has a bad attitude make them apologize to people, make them be good team players and never let ego kill their talent.


  1. This post speaks right to our family now, too! Our fall football team that my husband coaches officially begins practice tomorrow, and my cheer squad's first practice is next Thurs. It's the biggest blessing to do this all together as a family, but you are so right: we've definitely seen the ugly side of some parents & the insane pressure they put on their kids. It makes me fall in love with JB even more, seeing the way he encourages & lifts these kids up, even when they don't get that at home.

  2. Ahhh Katie so well said. I really am thankful that John got to experience Drew as a teammate and Rob as a coach this season. I think our boys played better each game and most importantly always showed class and integrity. No, they didnt win a whole lot, but they did get to experience winning and how good it feels. Hopefully someday our boys will get to coach their sons as well as their dads did this season!!!

  3. Ahh Katie so well said. The best thing about this tournament season was that John got to experience Drew as a teammate and Rob as a coach. They also always conducted themselves with class and integrity. The didnt win a whole lot of games but they did win and get to have that feeling. Hopefully, no matter where their love of baseball takes them, thye will get to coach their sons one day too! (I still think about that little boy and want to hug him)


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