Friday, July 26, 2013

Monogram For Door

I made this little door decoration after I saw it on Pinterest.  I know to many of my day to day conversations start off this way. Right now these wood frames are on sale at Michael's for $3 and the letters were $3 too. I went back to get more but all the letters were picked over. Just paint your letter and frame and add a bow and hang.

 I just had to share a picture of these beautiful flowers. I don't remember them coming in so vibrant and colorful last year. I have purple and pink blooming together. I love hydrangeas, wish I had them all over the place with a white picket fence. See I told you I look at Pinterest to much.  

 Have a great weekend friends!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

fireplace painting and new chairs

I'm not a big fan of multi color-orangy fireplaces.  This wood burner is in our basement and I have a love hate relationship with it. I wish it was a regular fireplace but it was there so for now it is staying. I don't like the rustic look but I did try and lighten it up to make it less distracting.
AFTER:  Better? I think so..
I finally bought a couple of these parsons chairs that I have had my eye on for a while. I just happened to go into the furniture store and they were marked down. I love when that happens!! The best part is that covers are removable. I love lighter furniture but always worry about keeping things clean. For now I put one at my kitchen table and one in my living room.  
 I have not found any great finds for decorating lately hopefully that means I am due soon to find some neat decor. I did order two more stick on monograms like on my chair.  I love them because you can stick them on anything and make it look custom.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baseball And Observations

 Drew has had a wonderful baseball season.  This is our first time playing with a tournament team.  It is a big commitment and does take lots of time. It has been a good experience for him and is good for his confidence. On another note some people take it to far. I really want my kid to play well and yes he has talent but do I really think this is the most important thing in life? No!! I do think it is easy to get wrapped up in this sort of thing but what is most important is my kids character.  I have seen one to many parents this season get mad at a large array of issues and have even experienced the scene of a father verbally abusing his son by calling him a girl and saying cry babies will never play infield.  It broke my heart and the other mom's heart who was with me watching.  At one point I almost thought I was on that show What Would You Do? with John Quinones. All I could think was thank you for making another great citizen to our society because he is going to be just like you when he grows up. After that night I could not sleep wondering what I should have said to the eight year old boy that had tears in his eyes. 
 It's loads of fun cheering on your team and watching the kids improve each game. When is to far, and when is the pressure to much for little kids? With us we are going to do what is best for our family depending on what season of life we are going through. We hope that he continues to play baseball but if he doesn't it is not our choice. Parents need to stop living vicariously through their kids and their achievements!! It is so easy to get sucked in because if they have a bad game or strike out you start to worry. If they are playing well then my goodness if we keep this up we may have a college scholarship. Kidding!!!  My biggest observation has been that there are a few adults that act like children and ruin it for the kids who just want to have fun and win. The pressure is high for  kids and some of these dads act like children if things don't go their way. My friend Tonia wrote a wonderful blog post on being grounded with your faith first and I could not agree anymore.  It is seriously one of the best blogs posts I have ever read I love her honesty and heart!!
 I love this picture, this is what it is about. Rob loves our boys and what is most important to us is that they become Men of God with a heart that loves the Lord first.
 Drew always hustles and has a great attitude, I'm proud that he is tries so hard.
He is good and has great hands, he normally plays second base or pitcher. He is always getting hurt though by sliding in hard or taking a ball off some body part. He is going to give me a heart attack!!

 I call him the Terminator when he wears his glasses
 Lets all remember these are just kids, they make mistakes, coaches volunteer, umpires are human, very few kids make it to play even in high school. If your kid has a bad attitude make them apologize to people, make them be good team players and never let ego kill their talent.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not A Fan Of Kids Will Be Kids

 The clock is ticking...I lay in bed and think about my children and what their lives will be. Who will they become, who will they marry, will they be happy? I have such desires and dreams for each one of them. As they are getting older I am seeing the innocence of little ones fade away. Each day I have a influence on them and at this point they still think I am the coolest. They ask me lots of questions and listen to my advice.  The other day I took Jaden out for some alone time with me. We went to breakfast and to Barnes And Nobble.  I bought him a book you would have thought I gave him the world.  As we walk in the store he opens the door for a old lady. He is remarkable for his age, very very wise and so smart. Each one of my kids do things I am blown away by and some days we have days that I am disappointed.  When I talk amongst others moms, and we share our stories and struggles it is freeing and refreshing that we are all going through this.  One thing I refuse to believe or teach or accept in parenting is the phrase "Boys will be boys" or "Kids will be kids"  I agree that all kids have their typical selfish bratty moments and recently my Lauren had a to many Disney shows moment. She told Rob the other day "H-e-l-l-o, Seriously where are my waffles?" Yikes..Not pretty.  I don't shelter my kids from every aspect of life, movie, or music.  We do have standards and I try to make a conscious effort to teach teachable moments in all aspects of life.  I'm sad that so many parents think that kind of attitude is funny, or think it's okay to let your kids cuss to songs on the radio. ( I just heard a kid at a birthday party cuss to a rap song) grrr....It's not that I think I'm the worlds best parent by any means it's just that I don't think it is responsible to use the excuse that kids will be kids. Lauren in fact just said a very nasty word she learned off a computer game. It was the worst word you could think of, but it was not her job to protect herself from the computer.  It was my job!! She was still disciplined and we had a talk about it but clearly it was not okay or cute in my book. It's never okay to hit, yell or mouth off to anyone. I  don't want the world to raise my kids by what is cool.  The world doesn't seem to be succeeding very well these days even though it has a huge influence on young people. We just recently let Jaden watch the documentary Bully.  It's actually really good. I was completely in shock on how this particular school handles mean bully kids. It's worth watching with your kids 10+ since that is when a lot of this garbage starts. There is some bad language so you make that judgment.  It was heart wrenching to see how mean kids are and no one stands in the gap for the kids that fall.  I just hope my kids will be the ones that won't stand for people being mean to others or accept bad treatment from anyone. I really think it starts at home. I feel bad for some of the kids I see with the chip on their shoulders, and the bad attitudes. Everyone wants to blame the kids and this new generation and how this world is but what about the people that raised them? 
 Saying all this....I always want to be real with my kids and explain life the best I can. How to be themselves and be confident, not following the crowed, what to look for in a spouse some day, true friends, people who are fake...There are so many lessons that I'm trying to get out there before they get a real touch of the world. Last month for my birthday Jaden made me this card.  It was one of my best mom moments.  He is finally at the age where he can really see how much I love him.  It makes me proud that he thinks so highly of me, my children's opinion counts the most to me!!

We have our days and some days I act a little psycho with the cleaning, and needing alone time. Hands down it's the best job but also scary. I have three blessings that depend on me and I don't always make the right choice, or respond the best at all times. I want to be Mary Poppins but sometimes I may come across as Cruella De vil in my stressful moments.  I'm praying they see that I do have a good heart, I love the Lord and each day I try and do my best for them.  My biggest fear is failing my children. I know I will but in my best effort I'm praying in my biggest mess ups that they will know what life is truly about and that I love them so much.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thrifty Finds And Other Happenings

 Hey friends~ I have some thrifty finds to show you. I was blown away by a jackpot day at the Goodwill. I don't have any problems shopping at Macy's or any other great store but I really like Goodwill when I have a couple hours to enjoy. Now I don't always find great stuff but sometimes I do hit the jackpot. I just found a pair of Miss Me jeans for 3.99 last week too, don't hate me. I found this Dooney purse for $15 its actually really cute.  I like DB, although some of their weird prints are not for me I do love the classic leather ones. This was going on ebay used for $80 so I guess I got a steal.
 I found all these tops at once. All some of my favorite brands.  I'm not a brand snob I just normally like the style of these labels Polo is my favorite, White House Black Market, Loft.  I think each shirt was $4.
 Moms, if you have not shopped Crazy 8 you need to run to it or order online.  Crazy 8 is the sister company of Gymboree like Gap to Old Navy.  The stuff is adorable!!  It's way way cheaper then Gymboree.  I love Gymboree but Lauren is very hard on clothes and is getting more selective on what she likes. So for the price at Crazy 8 we go crazy.  The clearance is amazing and the service and quality is great. Check it out.  Each piece above was $4 only
 I found this shower curtain at TJ Maxx (my love) after my Arkansas friend Tonia found one I went running.  I love this thing! I was hoping to find more I could make curtains, a dress you get the point. Love!!
 I'm catching up on some other things. I had a little niece born last month. She is precious.
My beautiful Cousin Sarah got married last month too. It was nice to see family 
 My 3 Blessings
 My parents and I
 Drew made the All Star Team for baseball, I'm so proud of Him!!! 
We have had a crazy week!!  Drew got to feeling sick last week. It was sudden with a high fever. He seemed a little better but then developed a cough making me think it was just viral.  Since the Crohn's diagnosis it makes it really tricky if he is having a issue or just plain sick. I don't think I will ever stop worrying. I took him to the walk in clinic Sunday since he had a fever for 4 days in a row and informed his gasto Dr. who said is sounded viral. They though upper respiratory but weren't sure. Yesterday we thought about letting him go sit at his baseball game (we have the tournament going on in our backyard field).  He started to get ready but looked dazed and after he ate he looked bad.  I don't know but he kind of fell to the ground and said he was really hot?? We decided to take him to the ER at Children's because I was not going to take any chances.  When we got there I prayed for Drew and God Bless him he was so scared since he doesn't exactly like needles. I explained everything to the Dr's and they called the G.I floor and they discussed they really felt it was a virus and told us not to worry and he should be fine in a couple days.  So anyway...Thank God we went home and today he seems better. I want my blog to stay positive but I want to stay real always.  If I can share my struggles to help others I will. So with all the happy smiles in the above pictures we have some struggles in there. Thankful for my children that is for sure. Thanks for your kind comments and so many friends on Facebook with concerning notes about yesterday.  It means the world to me knowing I have friends that care and pray! I seriously love each one of my friends who I have met with our many moves.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday 6th Lauren Grace

 Dear Lauren Grace,
Today you are 6 yrs old. I have to remind myself even that your still a little girl. Everyone mistakes you for 8-9 yrs old  because you are such a tall girl. You told me yesterday that you don't like to be a kid and you want to be a grown up. Mom told you it was a trap and to enjoy being a kid (: You are Miss Independent.  In that same conversation I asked you if you liked to be the boss and you said, "Yes, I love to be the boss and be in control."  Lauren you will be my CEO one day!!  Being strong willed has lots of advantages just like the other day when you packed your own bag of snacks, your own activities in a bag and the day you said you were mad at me and packed all your bags and went off to live in the back yard. You did come back within ten minutes and said, "I changed my mind, I want to live here."You have a good self esteem and you seem happy to be you. I love to ask you questions because you are so honest, and funny with your responses. I asked you if you like being brown and you said, "Yes, I love to be Chocolate, but I want my hair to look like Tiana's pulled back with a little curl in front" Everyday is a adventure I never know what you have up your sleeve.  I have so many mommy stories about you that I can remember, but sadly I have forgotten some of them. One of the most funny things I can remember you saying that was pure innocent in a kids eye.  We were at the store, and you saw a very large man in a scooter. You came over and whispered to me, "To many hot dogs"   I about died with laughter.  We went on to discuss not to say that to people and we have no idea what is wrong but it is one of those moments I will never forget.  Sometimes I get worn out with your constant mischievousness which is actually  fading every year, but I assume will always be a apart of my Little Lauren. While strolling down the lotion isle at Target I turned my back and you yell, "Look Mom A Ghost"  I look at you covered in white lotion head to toe. I was embarrassed and probably got mad at you.  I wish I would have enjoyed the moment and laughed and of course got a picture!!!  God knew I needed you to make me enjoy parenthood and not care so much about perfection.  You have given mom a sense of who I really am as your mom.  I have come to realize that there is no such thing as perfect kids, or mothering. It has been a great lesson.  I love how God made you who he did. You have amazing qualities. You are artistic, talented, funny, very smart (to smart for your own good), independent and the list goes on.  The combination of strong willed and smart is a scary road to travel as a mom. I just never know what will come next, and what dare devil stunt will be taking place. 
 Look at you here!!  You graduated from preschool!! You have a summer birthday so we decided to make you older for your grade. It was a tough call but I am really glad I listened to my instincts on this. You have matured remarkable and listen better and understand now that you may not like what the teacher has to say but you can now sit still and you enjoy activities. You have know your letters since you were 2-3 and have excelled in reading. You basically taught yourself to read all kinds of words and you can read little books.

Your favorite activities are swimming, you are like a little fish. It makes mom and dad scared because you swim to the deep end and still don't know how to come up for air all that well. So we have to watch you all the time.  You can do flips underwater and would be a mermaid if you could. You also love video games.  This has drove mom crazy in some ways but you have mastered Mindcraft at a young age which the guys at Apple stated is very skilled and creative. You also love to make things and make presents. You love to wrap things up that you have made and give them to me, which is so sweet. Mostly I get love notes that you love me, but sometimes I get hate mail when you're are mad at me. You love to express yourself through drawing and writing.
Your favorite colors are Purple and Pink. Your favorite foods are still pancakes, hot-dogs, ice cream and pizza.  You love food!! Your favorite restaurant is Chili's. Your favorite TV shows and movies are Princess And The Frog, Scooby Doo, Tom And Jerry, and any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You still love Tennis and want to be a Chef when you grow up.

 You are a joy and we love you. You keep mom and dad on our toes. May God continue to bless your life and bring many joys.  I pray you always feel loved and cherished. As you start kindergarten I pray you meet lots of nice friends and you are safe. I'm going to miss you when you start at the big school. Love you forever,
Mom and Dad
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