Friday, June 21, 2013

Florida Wrap Up

 I'm standing on the old bridge here taking a picture of the new seven mile bridge that takes you back and fourth through the Keys.
 Drew spotted a Turtle!!
Drew loves turtles so he could not wait to visit the Turtle Hospital.  We got to see all the patients and reasons why they were there. Many were hit by boats ): 
 We even got to see surgery

 I think this beach was the best beach I have ever been to. I have never been to a beach that has very small waves that you can swim from shore to deep water and snorkel. The water is pretty clear so you can see lots of fish.  I even found a huge conch shell but it was being occupied so I could not take it. We saw all kinds of tropical fish it was so exciting. The Keys do not have a lot of beaches with natural sand but this one does.  The sand was so soft and it goes into the water for several feet. It was farther down in the Keys but I wish we would have gone more, it was so wonderful

 This is the life! I could pack up and live here! You would defiantly need to wear a hat living here unless you want to look like a leather suitcase. 

 Our last day, we just did some shopping.  Here we are at the neatest Bass Pro shop in Islamorada. I also visited a shop that had the best coastal decor ever!!   
 Pirate Lauren
Home Sweet Home!!!  Now it is time to go to the pool and have some more fun this summer.

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