Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Florida Keys Part 2

 My super cute kids!! I think they will always be close friends and that would be my prayer for them. My dream is to grow old and take my kids and grandkids on a trip each summer. For now this is great so I won't wish my life away just yet.  So many memories and gifts I have been given it's like a dream.
Cute picture of Jaden, it won't be long till he isn't a 10 yr old anymore. There seems to be a magic age when kids suddenly look older. I'm enjoying my last couple years of my little boy. 

  Beautiful Palm Trees, I will never tire of them or a
 cute picture of Lauren
 We went to a bird sanctuary that had all kind of birds that were injured.  This vacation was very educational, seriously.  My kids learned so much about animals and rehabilitation. They all love animals so it was perfect. Pelicans are very funny birds
 The bird place took us on a little trail that went right to the ocean. It was very hot in this spot but there were tons of birds everywhere. The Keys are so narrow your usually right by water.
 My girl and Me

 The next place we went was Robbie's Pier where you can feed Tarpon. This was really cool!! We did so many awesome things on this trip that the kids will never forget.  You buy a few buckets of little fish and you can stick your hand over the Tarpon and they jump right out of the water to get the fish out of your hand.  It is kind of scary because they are so big but it is sure to make you laugh and scream.
 I took a picture of this brave guy that showed us how it's done, then I tried and did it!!

 Love this picture with the blue boat tarp. The Pelicans are greedy and will try and snatch fish right from your hands. They are cute though
 I bought Jaden some beach beads now he really looks like a island kid
 Here we are at the Theater Of The Sea The kids loved this place too. It's like a Mom and Pop Sea World at a much smaller scale.  I loved the vintage appeal of the place it was so personal and hands-on. The kids could get right next to the animals and about touch them. 
 Lauren is a little fish, she loves to swim.  She could swim all day.  She wore her goggles everywhere because she knew we would be swimming each day.

 The dolphin show was the best I have ever seen. The trainers were amazing at this place. Drew and Lauren both got picked to kiss Sherman The Dolphin. They were thrilled.

 Drew got picked to throw rings to the Sea Lion too
 We went on a little boat where a dolphin jumps beside you 
 All over South Florida there are Iguanas. I read they have no predators and are not originally native to Florida. They are everywhere!!! I thought they were so neat. I kept saying "Rob, look a iguana don't you want to see it?" Rob is so sweet and keeps me laughing he says "Once you see one Kate they all kind of look the same." As I happily took twenty more picture throughout the trip.
We pulled over on the side of the road and let the kids get out and play at the beach a while. There are not a lot of beaches in the Keys but there is one that I will share in a upcoming post that was breathtaking. Another cute picture!! Stay tuned

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  1. I am so happy y'all got to do this!! ;). You sound wonderful in these posts!! We will talk soon. Thank you for the sweet text last night:). I want to hear every single detail of this trip! Jaden still look like Jaden as does Drew. But wow! Lauren is a little lady!


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