Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back From Paradise Part 1

 We had the most wonderful time in the Florida Keys.  It was a great vacation with so much to do.  We lived in our bathing suits the whole week, I don't really know why I packed so many clothes. We all love the beach life!! The days felt long yet we laughed so much and swam so much by the end of the night we were tired.

 The flight was around a couple hours then we had to rent a car to drive down to they keys. This is our view from the condo we rented.

 The Keys are so laid back. When they say no shoes, no shirt, no problem that is really how it is.  No one is in a rush, it is defiantly island life.
 I have loved dolphins since the time I was a little girl. I have always dreamed of swimming with the dolphins. In the winter I told my sweet husband it was on my bucket list and he said, "What are you waiting for!!!"That is when I did some reading and planned our vacation.  There are a few places in the Keys and some in the Bahamas. I settled on the Keys because we did not need passports and it just seemed easier to stay in the U.S. The dolphins in the US are all treated humanly and the money goes back to their research and education. We went to Dolphins Plus in Key Largo and it was priceless!! My family had the time of their lives.  Jaden is a great swimmer and the water is really deep so I just took him this time. The other kids got to watch and they had a great time too.
It started to rain right when we got there but it finally cleared up for the most magical time ever!!

 look at Jaden's face!!
 We made them sing here, and below they pushed our feet and we went really fast backwards.

 This was so fun, seriously I was laughing so hard!!!

 Love this!!

 We bought these last few pictures, they were to cute!! 

 The dolphins were so sweet and much bigger then I thought.  When you are next to them they feel huge but they are so gentle.  Drew and Lauren were just feet away and as they walked the dolphins would pop up their heads and follow them as they walked.  They truly are the most sweetest magical creatures ever. I feel so blessed to be able to do this with my son!
 Shell World, I was heaven once again!!

 The day was finished with a great meal sitting by the ocean with my favorite people!!
 More to come this was just our second day there. Nothing makes me happier then being with my family I love to much!!

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