Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinterest experiment And Laughter

I tried making my own laundry detergent.  I read all these links and I thought maybe there is something to this and I can buy
more of the this if I do save all this money, ha ha.  Well let me just say that not all Pinterest pins are miracles or huge money savers when you start adding stuff up. I likes the recipe above because it seemed easier since it was semi-homemade. I did not have to grate any soap or cook anything. The one I picked was easy you just take everything above and mix it together in a big bucket. 

Exibit A: First of all it was messy, not to bad but I managed to make a mess. The cost did not seem that cheap but I do think it made a stretched out Tide. This will be cheaper but not sure how much I did not do the math. If you do the grated soap recipe you will save more but it's more work. I think I spent $28 plus $8 on a big jar. So far it does work great, I would not add the Purex as I will explain below that is a waste of money so the cost would go down more. The Oxyclean is a added boost and I think it works very well. My clothes washed with no stains even better then Tide alone. 
Exibit B: Below was not for me.  I read you could make your own fabric softener for pennies. I even bought the Suave lavender conditioner for smell. All you do is add a bottle of Suave to old bottle and add vinegar.  I love vinegar for cleaning but not the smell. I like my clothes to smell clean. The Purex added to the detergent was supposed to add smell and the powder smells good but the finished folded laundry did not smell clean. 
 So I bought one of my favorite softeners and my laundry smells so good. I have been using the homemade powder with my Snuggle and so far I am happy. I guess most things your read are trial and error.  I think the Powder will last me longer then buying Tide from Sams but we will see.
My boys below sat in the kitchen and had their own fun while I attempted to make my laundry detergent.  This is probably why I spilled half of it on the counter and floor.

 My boys crack me up.  They are polite nice boys but when they get started about their fart talk it does not end...Hope you had a good laugh today. .

Friday, June 21, 2013

Florida Wrap Up

 I'm standing on the old bridge here taking a picture of the new seven mile bridge that takes you back and fourth through the Keys.
 Drew spotted a Turtle!!
Drew loves turtles so he could not wait to visit the Turtle Hospital.  We got to see all the patients and reasons why they were there. Many were hit by boats ): 
 We even got to see surgery

 I think this beach was the best beach I have ever been to. I have never been to a beach that has very small waves that you can swim from shore to deep water and snorkel. The water is pretty clear so you can see lots of fish.  I even found a huge conch shell but it was being occupied so I could not take it. We saw all kinds of tropical fish it was so exciting. The Keys do not have a lot of beaches with natural sand but this one does.  The sand was so soft and it goes into the water for several feet. It was farther down in the Keys but I wish we would have gone more, it was so wonderful

 This is the life! I could pack up and live here! You would defiantly need to wear a hat living here unless you want to look like a leather suitcase. 

 Our last day, we just did some shopping.  Here we are at the neatest Bass Pro shop in Islamorada. I also visited a shop that had the best coastal decor ever!!   
 Pirate Lauren
Home Sweet Home!!!  Now it is time to go to the pool and have some more fun this summer.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keys Part 3

 Once again you will see a glimpse of heaven!!  I know can you tell I love Florida!! It is so beautiful and a photographers dream. I would never run out of beauty and nature to take picture of. We ate right by this beach and then let the kids snorkel for a while. 

 I lived in my bathing suit the whole week and wore no makeup, it makes for great pictures!! 

 Can you spot, Drew?
 After I ate my fish tacos I went and laid by the beach...The life.
We drove down to Key West for the day, it is such a pretty drive.  There is only one way down and one way back.  The Road is US 1 and it beautiful!! Key West is really charming but can get get a little wild at night so we stayed till around 7:00 and then went on our way. The people are friendly and of course the food is wonderful.  I love Key Lime Pie so I had a pieces of that. I love the houses in Key West, so so charming.
 We went to The Hemingway House which was so interesting.  The house is awesome but is in original shape and decor.  The whole time I kept thinking about how I would arrange it if it were my home. There are so many windows and charm.  The grounds surrounding the house are immaculate with beautiful gardens, and of course cats.  If you know anything about Hemingway is that he had a cat with 6 toes and now all the descendants of that kitty live at the house.  So almost all of them have extra digits on their toes which was really cute. The cats are mostly friendly and of course Jaden was in heaven since he loves cats.

 The cats roam anywhere they please
 That's one big Terrarium, the floor...Yikes. That bathroom was ugly!

 lots of toes
 There are roaming roasters everywhere, odd?

 My kids are lovin this!!


 Famous Duval Street. Drew at one point said, "Look mom, that sign says pants are optional"  Oh my word!! When we were there it was perfectly fine but it does have a reputation. We saw a few interesting people that I did not get a picture of.  One was a lady talking her enormous pet parrot for a walk through town. Many people move there who are artistic and the creativity is remarkable. I especially loved all the local paintings. People are so talented! My last post will be tomorrow to wrap up our trip, hope your enjoying our pictures.
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