Friday, May 3, 2013

Visiting Family

 Last month my cousin Sarah had her wedding shower. My moms side of the family is all from the Cleveland area so we went to go visit for the day. The kids loved visiting with great-grandma.  It's so funny for the kids to notice things like her phone, tv remote, candy, tv guide all next to her chair. I'm really proud of my kids they are very loving and kind to everyone they meet. They couldn't get enough of all her stories and hearing about the olden days.  
 It's been a long time since my mom and my brother and I have had a family picture. Drew did a pretty good job on taking this photo. My brother is getting ready to be a daddy to a little girl today. I'm anxiously waiting by my phone to hear about my new little niece. When we went to the shower my brother, Dad and Rob all hung out and went to Dave and Busters, they had a great time.  My kids adore Uncle Chris he is fun and likes sports.
 I love my mommy
 Nana and her boys
I love these generation pictures.  It was a fun time had by all.  Looking forward to my cousins wedding at the end of the month and seeing the new baby. 


  1. your mom is a beauty! i've noticed that in your past posts as well. i hope i age half as well as she has. really, she is beautiful.

  2. Such a nice day! Oh your hair is getting so long! I love it! It was so good to talk to you tonight! Don't worry everything will be fine!! And I can't wait to see your home staging projects!

  3. These family pics are gorgeous & totally priceless! :-)


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