Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Using natural elements when decorating

 I love using natural elements when decorating.  I love shells, plants, flowers, coral, sticks, nests. Something about adding these elements makes your home feel alive and refreshing. I found these pieces of coral all for $11.00 which is a great price since coral is a bit pricey. Adding a little bit of nature just makes me so happy and you can change it up through the seasons.  
 I have had these bowl of shells forever.  I love shells so  much, they are probably one of my favorite things ever. I just love the variation and joy of finding shells along the shore or store, ha ha. Nothing is more relaxing then taking a walk in the early morning while on vacation. Decorating can be so inexpensive yet so captivating just by mixing elements up. I found this old vintage mirror below for $10 and a old picnic basket for $5 at our local thrift store. I love the basket, not sure where I'm going to put it but I like it. It's true that most things are not made like they used to. I'm afraid there will be no antiques in the future especially from the last couple decades. 
 I painted the mirror with cream chalk paint. I also added more natural elements in the vase.  I still love birds and added a little nest and sticks. I like this little spot in my living area it's amazing what a mirror can do for a room. If you have a narrow or small room adding a mirror visually makes the room appear larger
 I bought a new camera lens and it's been so fun, so I really enjoyed doing this post.  More coral, the one pieces is old and a nice big piece.  The white one is a replica of coral from Pottery Barn. Can I tell you how much I love their summer lines...To much!! 
 Old books more vintage finds mixed with natural elements. This could be my favorite form of decorating.  I love vintage but I love clean and fresh so any combinations to awake the senses makes me happy to be home. I saw the coolest Pin on Pinterest.  Isn't there help for people like us that start conversations at least once a day with "I saw this great thing on Pinterest" ??guilty??  It was a pin about painting old encyclopedias in creamy white paint and aging them to look old.  I thought why didn't I think about that!!  I love using books to stagger things and who doesn't have one of those old encyclopedias laying around and they are usually huge, perfect.
 Succulent in a wire cloche

 This is a fake topiary but it looks real and natural, another bird
I hope this post makes you want to go for a walk to gather some sticks, pine cones, and rocks or better yet go to the beach to collect shells!! 

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