Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pens Game

What a special day we had last month. I received a phone call from one of the Child Life Specialists at Children's Hospital. I don't think I could have made it without them while we were at Children's back in February. They played with Drew, brought him video games, and made him not be afraid.  The whole week we were there he colored pictures of sports and talked about sports.  Anyway they called me and said they remembered Drew loving sports and asked if Drew wanted to go to the Pens game and sit in the Malkin Suite.  Not only did he get to go but we all got to go and enjoy the last game of the season before playoffs. We had a great time! I'm so thankful that the Pens do nice things for so many kids at the hospital and that the kind people at Children's remembered Drew.
 Lauren especially loved all the snacks up in the suite and loved all the lights and music. What a exciting atmosphere, they even sent up the mascot to see us.
 GO PENGUINS!! They are doing so well in the playoffs. Hope they win the Stanley Cup.
 That same weekend Rob decided to cut down a few trees and trim branches.  Our yard is beautiful but major work!!  It made a difference just trimming things up. The kids helped almost the whole day.  They are pretty good workers.
 They are precious!!
 Drew had a couple friends over his favorite thing besides baseball is playing hockey in the basement. Check out the wig Jaden has on.  I have to say my boys are the most fun they have been yet.  I know I say this all the time but they are so funny. Not a day passes without a daily dose of talking about bodily functions and giggling non stop. They really are funny!!
 Drew is feeling really good, I'm so happy!!
Life is great right now, my kids are enjoying everything this world has to offer with smiles on their faces and lots of happiness.  It makes me cry thinking about the life that God has given us even in our trials God provides a way. I have seen rainbows come from rain many times. Through tough times I have learned what true happiness is and enjoy each day as a gift.

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