Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New painted shutters

I could not be more happy with my black shutters.  Since the day we looked at our house I didn't like the royal purple shutters.  At first I thought they were dark blue and on cloudy days that's sort of what they looked like, other days they looked Royal purple. I knew we would get to it and we finally did.  When people would describe my house as they pulled up they would say "are the shutter purple?" That's when I knew they had to go!!! I thought I was going to get a handy man for the top windows and even the ones on the side of the house but after I started I was bound and determined to do it all myself.  It took a whole day and a half to complete. I'm not afraid of heights but Rob is, so I had no problem getting on the ladder for the bottom windows.  The top windows I decided if I removed the screens I could reach out and paint them. It was a pretty funny sight!!  My windows are the kind that you can open from the top or bottom, perfect.  It was not easy but I finished on Monday and I am so happy. I have worked so hard on this house and I really do love it.  I knew from day one this was our house.  I can't wait to show some before and after pics side by side it will give you an idea of how much love this home needed.
 I absolutely love the setting, it so unique.  PA is a beautiful state it is just so old so some things are really run down.  The mountains are gorgeous and all the ivy, trees, hills, moss..Really neat scenery.
Before:Long live the purple shutters
 Goodbye purple for-ever!! We finally got new carpet!!!  Our carpet was old, and I mean nasty old.  It was 27 yrs old, can you imagine?
More to come....


  1. Love!!! I know you are on cloud nine!!! Why didn't I know the carpet was 27 years old??? That makes me throw up a tiny bit!!! You must feel so clean!!!

  2. Throw up a bit!!! lol!!!!!!! It was clean actually there was barely any stains through the padding went first it was like walking on cement....

  3. Katie, your home is so beautiful! It has SO much curb appeal!! I love the black on your shutters. I am a big fan of black and painted my front door and garage doors black about a second after we bought this house. Now I am looking to install shutters this summer. I love how a little change like the color of your shutters can totally change up the look of a home's exterior.
    *Happy Mother's Day!*


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