Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baseball, Baseball, And More Baseball

I'm so proud of Drew!!  He has had a great season of baseball. He has had a couple double plays and is a great little fielder. At one of our games he made two diving catches to make two outs in a row and had two great hits. He defiantly has the baseball gene thanks to Rob. It just seems instinctive to know what to do on the field, he just knows exactly what is going on at all times. It makes me so proud and thankful knowing he had surgery just 3 1/2 months ago and how much pain he was in to this.  I wish I could just tell every person in the stands what a brave and inspiring kid he is.  To know that nothing is going to hold him back and he is going to fight through and do great things, he's my hero!!  I just yell, "Go Drew, That's my son."with a huge smile on my face.
 Right behind our house we have a baseball diamond that a new league is now using.  So we have a very active back yard.  Rob says it's like the Filed Of Dreams, he is obviously in heaven.  Drew plays for the new team too when he is not playing on his green team. The firetruck came and water downed the field, pretty cool.

 Here it comes!!  

 I'm so proud of my husband.  He is such a great coach and really does help the kids.  Drew is so lucky to have his own personal trainer, lol.. 

 He looks so grown up

 Here he is on his green team playing first base.  He usually plays first base or second. We signed him up for All stars in July so he will be ready for more....It's so fun to watch your kids play a sport they love.
I have pictures of Lauren on my phone from her games.  I help do the line up and coach her team so I never get any picture but Lauren is doing well too.  She is a great hitter.  The outfield is a different story at 5, she is pretty good at playing with dirt.  I just need to get a permanent spot at the baseball field, I spend hours at these games each week but wouldn't want it any other way.
 I have some of her and daddy practicing, so cute!!

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  1. What a blessing for Drew - he IS an inspiration!
    I just love this post! We're in the same boat with football: our world for the most part is football, and I wouldn't have it any other way! We spend more family time together at the field than we ever have. A neighbor this spring offered to have Annelise come play at their house while the guys have practice (we only have cheer in the fall) and we said no thank you, b/c it's just such precious family time to us, to be all together out in the fresh air & active together. :-)


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