Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baseball, Baseball, And More Baseball

I'm so proud of Drew!!  He has had a great season of baseball. He has had a couple double plays and is a great little fielder. At one of our games he made two diving catches to make two outs in a row and had two great hits. He defiantly has the baseball gene thanks to Rob. It just seems instinctive to know what to do on the field, he just knows exactly what is going on at all times. It makes me so proud and thankful knowing he had surgery just 3 1/2 months ago and how much pain he was in to this.  I wish I could just tell every person in the stands what a brave and inspiring kid he is.  To know that nothing is going to hold him back and he is going to fight through and do great things, he's my hero!!  I just yell, "Go Drew, That's my son."with a huge smile on my face.
 Right behind our house we have a baseball diamond that a new league is now using.  So we have a very active back yard.  Rob says it's like the Filed Of Dreams, he is obviously in heaven.  Drew plays for the new team too when he is not playing on his green team. The firetruck came and water downed the field, pretty cool.

 Here it comes!!  

 I'm so proud of my husband.  He is such a great coach and really does help the kids.  Drew is so lucky to have his own personal trainer, lol.. 

 He looks so grown up

 Here he is on his green team playing first base.  He usually plays first base or second. We signed him up for All stars in July so he will be ready for more....It's so fun to watch your kids play a sport they love.
I have pictures of Lauren on my phone from her games.  I help do the line up and coach her team so I never get any picture but Lauren is doing well too.  She is a great hitter.  The outfield is a different story at 5, she is pretty good at playing with dirt.  I just need to get a permanent spot at the baseball field, I spend hours at these games each week but wouldn't want it any other way.
 I have some of her and daddy practicing, so cute!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pens Game

What a special day we had last month. I received a phone call from one of the Child Life Specialists at Children's Hospital. I don't think I could have made it without them while we were at Children's back in February. They played with Drew, brought him video games, and made him not be afraid.  The whole week we were there he colored pictures of sports and talked about sports.  Anyway they called me and said they remembered Drew loving sports and asked if Drew wanted to go to the Pens game and sit in the Malkin Suite.  Not only did he get to go but we all got to go and enjoy the last game of the season before playoffs. We had a great time! I'm so thankful that the Pens do nice things for so many kids at the hospital and that the kind people at Children's remembered Drew.
 Lauren especially loved all the snacks up in the suite and loved all the lights and music. What a exciting atmosphere, they even sent up the mascot to see us.
 GO PENGUINS!! They are doing so well in the playoffs. Hope they win the Stanley Cup.
 That same weekend Rob decided to cut down a few trees and trim branches.  Our yard is beautiful but major work!!  It made a difference just trimming things up. The kids helped almost the whole day.  They are pretty good workers.
 They are precious!!
 Drew had a couple friends over his favorite thing besides baseball is playing hockey in the basement. Check out the wig Jaden has on.  I have to say my boys are the most fun they have been yet.  I know I say this all the time but they are so funny. Not a day passes without a daily dose of talking about bodily functions and giggling non stop. They really are funny!!
 Drew is feeling really good, I'm so happy!!
Life is great right now, my kids are enjoying everything this world has to offer with smiles on their faces and lots of happiness.  It makes me cry thinking about the life that God has given us even in our trials God provides a way. I have seen rainbows come from rain many times. Through tough times I have learned what true happiness is and enjoy each day as a gift.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Using natural elements when decorating

 I love using natural elements when decorating.  I love shells, plants, flowers, coral, sticks, nests. Something about adding these elements makes your home feel alive and refreshing. I found these pieces of coral all for $11.00 which is a great price since coral is a bit pricey. Adding a little bit of nature just makes me so happy and you can change it up through the seasons.  
 I have had these bowl of shells forever.  I love shells so  much, they are probably one of my favorite things ever. I just love the variation and joy of finding shells along the shore or store, ha ha. Nothing is more relaxing then taking a walk in the early morning while on vacation. Decorating can be so inexpensive yet so captivating just by mixing elements up. I found this old vintage mirror below for $10 and a old picnic basket for $5 at our local thrift store. I love the basket, not sure where I'm going to put it but I like it. It's true that most things are not made like they used to. I'm afraid there will be no antiques in the future especially from the last couple decades. 
 I painted the mirror with cream chalk paint. I also added more natural elements in the vase.  I still love birds and added a little nest and sticks. I like this little spot in my living area it's amazing what a mirror can do for a room. If you have a narrow or small room adding a mirror visually makes the room appear larger
 I bought a new camera lens and it's been so fun, so I really enjoyed doing this post.  More coral, the one pieces is old and a nice big piece.  The white one is a replica of coral from Pottery Barn. Can I tell you how much I love their summer lines...To much!! 
 Old books more vintage finds mixed with natural elements. This could be my favorite form of decorating.  I love vintage but I love clean and fresh so any combinations to awake the senses makes me happy to be home. I saw the coolest Pin on Pinterest.  Isn't there help for people like us that start conversations at least once a day with "I saw this great thing on Pinterest" ??guilty??  It was a pin about painting old encyclopedias in creamy white paint and aging them to look old.  I thought why didn't I think about that!!  I love using books to stagger things and who doesn't have one of those old encyclopedias laying around and they are usually huge, perfect.
 Succulent in a wire cloche

 This is a fake topiary but it looks real and natural, another bird
I hope this post makes you want to go for a walk to gather some sticks, pine cones, and rocks or better yet go to the beach to collect shells!! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

 Mother's Day is my favorite day of the year!!  I feel so incredible blessed by my children, my husband and my life. My parents came into town to watch the kids play baseball but we had rain and really cold weather. The games were canceled but we at least got to have family time. Mother's Day is made so special for me by Rob and the kids. They cooked,cleaned and made me such neat things this year. They bought me a new spring coat, Bath and Body Works stuff, and get this one my wonderful husband picked me out a dress.  He has great taste and it was so sweet!!  I love the kids gifts the most. Drew used his own money and bought me some candlers, Jaden made me a garden tile and Lauren made me a flower pot. 

 It was so nice to be with my mom on Mother's Day
 After my parents left to go home we decided to go to the animal zoo. It is a small zoo closer to us then the Pittsburgh Zoo where you can hand feed some of the animals.

 Lauren always tells me she wants a baby elephant, but I would take a baby camel home.  He was so cute!!

 This alpaca is nicknamed "Hill Billy" by my children.  They love Hill Billy, we will be seeing more of him this summer.
 Jaden's card to me, sweet
I love being my kids mom more then words could ever explain.  Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and family.  The world is a amazing place because of Mother's.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New painted shutters

I could not be more happy with my black shutters.  Since the day we looked at our house I didn't like the royal purple shutters.  At first I thought they were dark blue and on cloudy days that's sort of what they looked like, other days they looked Royal purple. I knew we would get to it and we finally did.  When people would describe my house as they pulled up they would say "are the shutter purple?" That's when I knew they had to go!!! I thought I was going to get a handy man for the top windows and even the ones on the side of the house but after I started I was bound and determined to do it all myself.  It took a whole day and a half to complete. I'm not afraid of heights but Rob is, so I had no problem getting on the ladder for the bottom windows.  The top windows I decided if I removed the screens I could reach out and paint them. It was a pretty funny sight!!  My windows are the kind that you can open from the top or bottom, perfect.  It was not easy but I finished on Monday and I am so happy. I have worked so hard on this house and I really do love it.  I knew from day one this was our house.  I can't wait to show some before and after pics side by side it will give you an idea of how much love this home needed.
 I absolutely love the setting, it so unique.  PA is a beautiful state it is just so old so some things are really run down.  The mountains are gorgeous and all the ivy, trees, hills, moss..Really neat scenery.
Before:Long live the purple shutters
 Goodbye purple for-ever!! We finally got new carpet!!!  Our carpet was old, and I mean nasty old.  It was 27 yrs old, can you imagine?
More to come....
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