Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring flowers and great finds

I love these purple flowers! My whole yard has daffodils and other little flowers in the ivy right now. I could not ask for a more beautiful setting that is for sure.
I found these two great finds recently. Two blue/gray down Pottery Barn pillows, Jackpot.  I love terrariums and found this one at the antique mall already filled, only $10!!  It is heavy nice glass too. TJMaxx has terrariums right now that are really big and inexpensive. They aren't heavy glass but very cute.  I wish I had a sun room because a lot of their stuff is adorable but not meant for outdoors.  I love outdoor garden items. I could buy a million little bunnies, terrariums, wicker furniture...

 I added this older rug I already had, and placed it under my table. It adds a little interest. I ordered carpet today for our bedrooms and living area. I don't love carpet but our house is pretty big and hardwood would have been twice as much. I cringed when they told me the price for my average carpet and wished I could have used the money for something more fun. When we first looked at the house I don't even remember thinking about how bad the carpet was.  It was really bad, I guess I had blinders on. I probably did notice but the Realtor probably said something like "Oh that is cosmetic and  very inexpensive."  ha.. ha ...very good line!! The only good thing about carpet is that it's warm in the winter. Living up north is beautiful in the summer and fall. It is so lush with so many trees and ivy but the winters are very cold so carpet is nice.  
 I painted these little pots and added these topiaries that I found ages ago. I don't even remember where I got them but they are cute ones.  Do you ever move arrangements out of pots and put them in new containers?  It's amazing what a difference scale and painting can do. These urns used to be tan with speckles, really ugly. They had the weirdest topiaries in them that were to big for the urns. They were made of grapevines and little flecks of green that feel out all over the floor.  From a distance they were cute but close up, fakey green. I love natural colors in fake plants.  I love real but for some reason I forget to water them or Lauren's over waters them. Have a nice night (:


  1. I think you are such a great decorator. I have always thought that. You are amazing at that!


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