Monday, April 15, 2013

Jewelry and friends

Hi friends!!  We had a great weekend.  The weather is really warming up and the kids finally have been able to play outside. Rob bought me this watch last year for Mother's Day. I went into a blog drought for a while with Drew's health issues so I missed posting little things here and there. It is a very special gift because I received it while staying at the Children's hospital on Mother's Day.  It was a sad Mothers Day but it made me realize what Mothers Day really is about. Being a mom is not always fun, sometimes you have to be brave for you child and boy is that hard. Life is all about the ride good and bad. I don't want to cry but I'm privileged to be a mother in so many ways!! On the fun side I really love this watch because it goes with just about everything I wear.
 When I moved to Pittsburgh Drew's teacher and I became friends.  She is one of the best teachers ever and I love her!! The first thing I noticed about her other then her kind personality was her jewelry called Sabika. She actually stated selling it recently because she loved it so much, so naturally I bought some.  It is so beautiful!!  It is a pittsburgh based company that probably will be growing rapidly. Anyway, I just thought I would post it because I have worn this necklace more then anything I have ever bought. You can mix it from jeans to a fancy dresses.  I love that!!  A little prep with glam, just my style (:  
 Last weekend I went to Sarah (Drew's teacher) baby shower.  It was so beautiful!!  I had so much fun making her baby gift.  Hair bows are so fun to make. I can thank Lauren's southern roots for creating a hair bow monster in me.  The little girls in the south dress so cute!!  Lauren started her bow collection as a newborn and she still wears her bows.  I started trying to make them a couple years ago and they turned out cute.  I don't have much more bow time left with Lauren so I thought I would start on Sarah's new baby.

 She is one of the best friends I have met here so far.  I also love my other friend on the left Tami. Sarah is such a shinning star of a teacher.  She cares so deeply for her students. I can imagine she will go on to win some teacher of the year awards..She is so fun and organized. You know all that fun teacher stuff you see on Pinterest? Yep, she does with her kids. She sat with Drew when he first got sick at school and didn't leave his side till I came. She came and saw him in the hospital which is not super close and had a life size balloon sent to him. I wish all teachers were like her (:  I can't imagine life without the friends we have made along our journey. One of the positive things about moving is that I have met so many nice friends. It's been a gift!  

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  1. I love that necklace, bracelet. I would order one. Heaven knows I need a little glam in my life Katie! Seriously. I am totally glam-less lately. Last week I was going into court and I looked in the mirror and started crying. I am glam-less and fat. : (


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