Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's a Zoo around here

Hello!! Lincoln the cat is adjusting well.  I can't believe how much we love the cat actually.  I have always liked cats but my husband wasn't a big fan.  He has defiantly earned his keep.  He lives in the basement at night, and during the day he comes upstairs. Last night he caught a nasty millipede furry bug and ate it.  He also kills stink bugs and whatever other bug he finds. We have no mice issues either which is great.  When we first moved in we had a family, gross!!  We live in the woods with a huge field behind our house so Lincoln is helping out. He sure is cute too!! He lays in his basket most days and sleeps in there, so we don't have much hair around.  Jaden absolutely loves him. It actually has been therapeutic for him.  Jaden is my kid that gets stressed out easily.  The cat seems to make him calmer and happier. 
We has some guests in our back yard.  The picture is bad but you can see a opossum and raccoon.  I threw out a peanut butter jar for the chipmunks and look who came.  We saw the motion light come on and these two shared it.
 Jaden brought home these fiddler crabs from school last month.  I told him he could get them because I figured they would  die  not be to much trouble. After all each kid would be delighting their parents with a new addition it was the least I could do to say yes. After I ran out to Petsmart and bought the $40 worth of stuff they needed I now have two very healthy stinky crabs that don't show any sign of declining health.  When I walk into Jaden's room it has the smell of fish and poop.  It is horrible!!! I like animals but  I told the kids I have now reached the zoo limit.  I am a self proclaimed neat freak too!!  
 Here is Einstein and Mary Todd
 Not that cats aren't neurotic enough, cat nip has brought loads of fun.  Our dog Champ even eats it too.  
 I must have sucker written on my forehead.  My kids bring me this and say we have to get this toy for Lincoln it looks just like him. 
 My last animal


  1. Lol!!! This is way too crazy!!!

  2. BTW our frogs lasted months longer than anyone else's...just my luck! Lainey is begging but I hated the smell of both the fiddler crabs & frogs. Ugh!


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