Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fun

 Oh what a fun Easter break we had.  The kids didn't have a whole week but we had a few days. I found a Easter egg kit from last year we never used.  It proclaimed that it was easy and spill proof, pretty much every mothers dream. We followed the directions and to our dismay the promised spill proof eggs spilled everywhere including Drew's hands which were a shade of green for three days. 

 A cute picture of Lauren before her Easter party
 We left Friday for my parents house.  My mom had a Easter baskets for each kid with some really fun stuff.  My mom has a knack for finding the cutest things ever, and she did not disappoint the kids.

 Lauren and Grandpa before a huge Easter egg hunt at their church 80,000 eggs

 Easter morning fun.  Each kid got a favorite movie. Jaden got Lincoln (which is very good) Drew got Wreck It Ralph (another cute movie) and Lauren Tom and Jerry cartoons.

 We went shopping and got some new spring clothes.  Drew picked out these glasses in cameo so he could look like the Duck Dynasty guys and the hat to be cool like Toby Mac.
 My cute little girl in her Easter dress.  It's so hard to find age appropriate clothes for a 5yr old who wears size 8.  Everything is so mature looking. I luckily found this dress with tulle in a 6 and it was  longer so it fit perfect.

 Boys are so fun!!! They crack me up everyday. They looks so much older all of a sudden.
My dad directing the annual Easter egg hunt.
 It was cold and rainy of course so inside worked better.
 Drew found the golden egg $10
 My cute parents. We had a really fun time this weekend.  Today was our last day of break so all day long I cleaned and put stuff away. It was a fun day of wearing jammies all day and sleeping in a little while this morning.  I love days like this when we don't have to rush anywhere and the kids can just play and I can get my cleaning done. I love a clean house but it only lasts a few hours. Tonight we finished with the conclusion of the Bible on the History channel which was amazing.  The kids loved it, although a few parts were violent it was a great film.  My kids knew all the stories and seeing it play out  made them so excited. Jesus is amazing and I am so thankful for everything He does for all of us. Happy Easter friends hope it was blessed.

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