Monday, April 8, 2013

Chili Recipe, and breakfast muffins

 I have been making this chili recipe for years that my aunt gave me. I want to share recipes that are easy, good, healthy and kid friendly. How many times have you slaved away in the kitchen and your kids didn't like it? I don't want my kids to be picky but they are unfortunately. Although the food might be great kids have weird taste buds. In fairness to them I think I read that taste buds take time to acquire tastes and they improving with age. Saying this I want to feed my family as healthy as possible without being to extreme. I know that sounds weird but lately everything I read is about eliminating certain food groups and I just don't think it is attainable long term for us. Not to say if it it was a necessity for health I would defiantly do it because we do have some diet restrictions. Mostly everything I share will be foods that most kids like. I have three kids so the consensus will be good that your kids will like what I share as well. I have made this chili soup for parties, birthdays etc.. and it is a crowd favorite. It is so simple, are you ready?
1. Brown 1# of lean hamburger with a chopped up sweet onion, drain
2. Place in crock pot with can of crushed tomatoes (big 28oz), black beans, corn, kidney beans, pinto beans, pack of ranch seasoning, pack of taco seasoning.  Do not drain anything!  
3. Cook about 6 hrs on low
You can also add hot sauce, tortilla chips, and sour cream as toppings
Enjoy!! It makes enough to serve about 8-10
One of my friends recently told me about this, and I'm here to say it is wonderful. This is so easy and actually it is not to unhealthy for even breakfast. Pumpkin is so good for you and when you add Flaxseed to the mix it adds even more benefits.  
1. Take a box of spice cake mix, and a can of pumpkin and mix them together.  You add no oil or eggs, just the mix. If you wish you can add a tablespoon or two of flaxseeds. Put in muffin pan, and cook as directed on cake box.
2. Let cool and add a little cream cheese frosting. You can do it without but I'm telling you the cream cheese frosting makes a difference.

 Lauren is my little cooker as she calls herself.  The kids loved these, so did Rob and I. 
Hope you enjoy these two family favorites.  I will have more to come. Please stop by and let me know if you liked the recipes.


  1. I make my chili very similair to yours. I add a can of black beans. I can't wait to try that muffin recipe. That sounds delicious!

  2. It's funny you just posted this! My husband just got a recipe from a friend for a very healthy slow cooker chili recipe! We'll see how it turns out! By the way, thanks for stoppin' by my blog and visiting ;o)

  3. By the way, what a beautiful family you have :o) I'm your newest follower via GFC; look forward to visiting!


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