Tuesday, April 2, 2013

chair mistreatment

Thrift Store shopping is so fun, has anyone heard the thrift store song? If it comes on in the car the kids and I turn it up and sing to it. I find it so fun because you never know what you will find. They are great but time consuming. People always ask how I find such great things. I think after time you develop some sort of Spider Sense. You kind of figure out where to look, whats a good deal and you do have to have a good eye.  I usually go once a week, and hit the antique flea market too.  Sometimes I find a lot and other times nothing. I wanted to try re-upholstering so I figured I would start with a cheap chair and cheap fabric first to see if I liked it. I liked the style of this chair but of course not the outdated fabric. Furniture usually has to meet three standards when I buy. Number one it can't smell.  I have a really sensitive nose.  I don't mind a slight old smell but animal, smoke, or moth balls will not work.  Can you imagine me bending over and smelling the old Goodwill furniture, ha ha!!  No, usually if you can smell it when you stand by it you know.  Number two it has to be structurally sound, no wobble legs or sides.  I can fix some things but they have to be easy fixes. Number three I look at my cost for each project.  Some things are more expensive but just need paint and will be great.  I will pay more for those things, but things that I am just dabbling in I will not pay a lot for.  That way if it turns out bad I am not out much money.
 $2.62 fit the bill, it was marked way down after a month
 I took off almost all the fabric, it wasn't to hard but you will need some sharp scissors, and possibly gloves.  You may need a tetanus shot too after its all said and done!!  Lots of sharp nails and staples. I read a few blog posts from Pinterest but nothing to technical.  I usually just try and do stuff by digging into it and figuring it out as I go. I used drop cloths from Home Depot and bleached them so they would be a little brighter.  $20 is not so bad especially if the project fails. You will need a stapler gun, piping, fabric, glue gun, hammer, needle nose pliers, and wood stain if your chair has wood.  You will also need patience, time and caffeine.
 I just tucked, and cut fabric and stapled along the edges. 
 I decided to make piping with two strands of cord.  I read this on someones blog, and I liked it.  I needed a little bit of a thicker piping to cover any flaws and this worked great.  It was really easy too.  I am not a great sewer, I know enough to accomplish simple projects. I just cut a long strip of fabric, put in cording, pulled over fabric and added another cord then sewed down the middle. Kind of like a burrito. Once the fabric was all on I glue gunned the piping down the sides to cover the staples.  Can I tell you home much I love my glue gun!! Seriously amazing!!
Below I out lined the sides of the chair on my fabric with some extra to get the basic shape. I held it up and made sure it would work and just started stapling along the sides.  Make sure you pull you fabric tight.
 I just tucked the sides in deep and then stapled. The bottom I just tucked in the sides and in the seat. The back of the chair you just take one long piece in the shape of a sideways rectangle and cover up you staples from the sides. The sides were a little tricky since I had to connect the wing sides with the bottom of the chair sides.  It would be hard to cut a perfect piece since your stretching fabric. You will have one seem there but as long as you tuck it neatly on both sides level it looks fine.  The seat cushion was a pain, I won't lie.  I have a love hate relationship with my sewing machine or skills (lack of) I should say. I wanted a tight fit, but when I started sewing the thing kept jamming up and I kept breaking needles.  I had upholstery needles but they were actually causing problems.  I ended up gluing the seat on and it worked like a charm. Thanks to the Nesting Place I learned the miracle of the glue gun.  I glued just the seems on both sides then used the pipping along the edges.  It gave me a custom seat not a slip covered look.
 Not perfect by any means but for less then $50 it makes a decent chair.  I don't know if this sort of project is for me.  It took a lot of time, but I wanted to try it. I think I prefer painting that is my love. 
 The amount of staples you put in, glue gun all over your pants, and brain power will be a little much for most people.   

 Hope you enjoyed my thrift store chair trash to treasure. If you have any questions please ask. 


  1. Wow! Katie, that is amazing and soooo inspiring. You make it sound so easy and do-able!! My Mom used to tackle chairs like this all the time and your methods are exactly the same as hers! I just haven't had the patience to actually do one all by myself. Thanks for the inspiration! Your chairs looks awesome!!

  2. Great job! It looks fantastic!

  3. Just found your blog via someone else's (as usual!) and have to say what a lovely job you made of that chair...well done. I do treasure from trash myself, but like you, prefer painting. Got loads of things round the house I did myself, so know how you feel.

  4. Love it BFF!!!!! You are so amazing!! Thank you for teaching me all of your secrets!

  5. Thank you so much friends!!

  6. That's amazing! And the fact you used a glue gun, is just blowing my mind. I have an ugly rocking chair that I want to try this with, but hubs loves the chair and I'm afraid to ruin it.


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