Monday, March 4, 2013

Warm weather please

This looks perfect about right now!!  March is the longest month it feels like but I'm so ready for some warm weather!!  I just booked our summer vacation plans.  We are going to to the Florida Keys!!  I'm really excited.  I want to fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins so in a few months I will cross that off the bucket list. 
 I could do this everyday of my life!!  I'm hoping Drew and Lauren will enjoy snorkeling.  I have a feeling I may only have Jaden to go along with but that is okay.  We will see how it goes when we get there. These pictures inspire me because I must have seasonal depression, I think most northerners do.  You never can pinpoint what is wrong but you just fell blah some days.  I think I could drop everything for the simple island life. 


  1. I honestly get seasonal affective disorder very severely; every time we lived up north (2000-02, 06-10) I went through horrible bouts. I'm not happy under 65°F...but LOVING life in Houston!!!!

  2. Hey! I totally agree about being able to drop everything and live by the beautiful beaches! If I could get my mom and dad and sisters to go, I absolutley would in a heartbeat! LOL


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