Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Spring and new furniture

 Spring is coming hopefully soon. Today the kids had a two hr delay because of ice.  I love 2hr delays, it is a free pass to sleep in. Unfortunately all I could hear at our normal wake up time were the boys playing the game Mindcraft and talking as loud as they could so my sleeping in did not last. It was still nice not to be in a rush and enjoy the news and coffee. This weekend I took a few pictures of my Easter decoration. 

 I'm so happy I finally bought this wicker chair from Pottery Barn.  I have liked it for a few years and when I started looking for a new chair I only really liked this one. I still would like to get a few cream colored sitting chairs but for now I love this.  I made the pillow for the back of the chair and attached the monogram. The chair is comfortable and I really like it.
We also bough a huge sectional for our family couch in the basement. Our old couch lasted about 14 yrs, do you believe it?  It was a great couch and now that the kids are older it was time.  I love this thing more then I ever thought.  You can fit so many people on it.  In fact you can fit 3 adults on it with legs stretched out.  It's so comfortable and we love it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Roman shade from a shower curtain

 Are you ready to laugh at my crazy ideas.  I am very busy throughout the day with my kids and day to day work but I'm always thinking. This year I made a goal to get rid of things we were not using, and to re purpose all the stuff laying around my craft room. A few weeks ago I came across this cute shower curtain that I bought a year ago for super cheap at TJMaxx.  We were planning to replace all the ugly old dusty mini blinds on the back of our house.  As I was going though all my stuff I thought about making a faux roman shade from the shower curtain.  I saw a few things on Pinterest about something similar and I thought it might be worth a try.  I love Pinterest, and I wonder why I don't sleep at night.
This was so easy, seriously!!  You need a glue gun, scissors, and iron (take out wrinkles).  
1. I took the shower curtain and split it right down the middle.  Now this will vary depending on the size of your windows.  Mine were standard and not real big. 
2. The most time consuming part it removing the bottom of your mini blinds. At the bottom you can remove a knot and that will let out the slates. You will remove almost all the slates.  I only left a about 6? I just used scissors to cut some out too.  Make sure you do not cut the wire that pulls the shade up and down.
3. Next I just held the shower curtain up to the window and decided where it needed to be cut. I only cut a little around the sides then I glue gunned a seem. Make sure your curtain goes past your window sill a bit because once you raise them you will need a little play in the fabric at the bottom.
4. I glued the curtain around the top of the ugly valance and secured the sides with my bff the glue gun.  
 5. Glue gun the slat to the side of the curtain. You only need a dab of hot glue on both sides to make it stick to the fabric.  Once you are happy with it you can add a dab in the center as well.  You can see the pull cord through the curtain if you look close, you don't want to glue those.
 6.  I pulled it up after I did the first two to make sure it was going well.  You can have as many bends in the fabric as you want.  I only did 4, and throughout this whole project just eye balled it. Nothing technical real here. 
 I really like how it turned out because it is so bright but yet gives privacy. When you want the shade down you lower it just like you would blinds. Since it is a shower curtain it is so shear that it lets in all the light throughout the day. The fabric works really well and does not wrinkle. The pattern looks clean and stylish without being overdone or just plain. Here is the kids bathroom and I made one for ours as well.
 What do you think?  Next time you see a cute shower curtain maybe you can think about making some roman shades.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Warm weather please

This looks perfect about right now!!  March is the longest month it feels like but I'm so ready for some warm weather!!  I just booked our summer vacation plans.  We are going to to the Florida Keys!!  I'm really excited.  I want to fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins so in a few months I will cross that off the bucket list. 
 I could do this everyday of my life!!  I'm hoping Drew and Lauren will enjoy snorkeling.  I have a feeling I may only have Jaden to go along with but that is okay.  We will see how it goes when we get there. These pictures inspire me because I must have seasonal depression, I think most northerners do.  You never can pinpoint what is wrong but you just fell blah some days.  I think I could drop everything for the simple island life. 
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