Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm so proud of my boys!!

Jaden participated in his first ever science fair. He had a lot of ideas some very involved...  Moms, you all know exactly what I'm thinking when your kid comes home so excited about the science fair.  I immediately started thinking about what WE were going to do. It really was a lot of fun, I didn't mind helping.  I wish I had my camera but I only had my phone, he looked so cute. I love the lab coat, he had all his pens in the pocket and notebook in hand. He is well read and loves to know facts and history. He also has a great personality with adults especially.  He can go on and on and seems much older with his vocabulary then he is.

 Here his is explaining the size of a cat brain and the hunting activity of cats.  "Did you know that if cat's hunted humans that they would kill 40% of the world's population." I had no idea how many small animals cats killed per year it is in the millions.. This is totally his sort of thing and I was really proud of him. 
Our whole family loves Tim Tebow.  Even if people say he is not the best quarterback ever, he is a wonderful roll model. Drew was learning to write letters in school last month so he decided to write Tim a letter.  I told Drew that Tim is very busy and that we probably would not hear back but we could write it anyway maybe he would see it someday.  I just love his letter, it is so cute. 
 He is a super fan!! Tim's Florida Jersey
 Today we got a postcard from Tim.  It wasn't a letter but it was nice that they send something for kids that write letters.  Maybe someday we can meet Tim Tebow, or RG111 or Andrew McCutchen, Andrew Luck...he has a long list of favorites.  
I'm so proud of my boys.  Today I told them that God has a plan for their lives that is way bigger then we even know. This year they have experienced some harder stuff that I wish they wouldn't have but it has made them realize that they are not in control of the bigger picture.  Even in hard things and the unfair God takes our Pain and makes all things right. I tried to explain to them that if their dad had not gone through not having a dad growing up that maybe he would not be the kind of daddy they have right now that loves them deeply and works so hard to provide for them.  I also explained to them that maybe I wouldn't have been a stay at home mom if it wasn't for being alone a lot growing up and missing my mom.  I once heard a pastor explain it like those eye teaser 3D pictures from the 90's. Remember how there were 100's of tiny images and then the bigger picture would jump out eventually but it took a while to see because you had to look at it from a weird angle then suddenly it seemed so clear. That is kind of how God sees it. All those little snapshots are there and then He sees the bigger picture before the rest of us do.  He uses it all to make us the people we are to serve a purpose at this time in history. I told the boys that God is going to use them in big ways and use their life experiences to help others. When I told them this on the way home from school today, their eyes got so big!! They were so excited that God was going to use them. I'm so proud of the men they are becoming and I love moments like this when we share our hearts and God is glorified. 
Romans 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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  1. Love the lab coat! He looks like quite the scientist! You're a great mom!


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