Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!  We had a fun day yesterday, Drew went back for his first full day of school so he was happy. Both boys made shoe boxes and Lauren was sent home a huge bag since they have so many treats.  Lauren is being a silly girl with her fake smile but I had to capture her adorable outfit!! Rob bought me a spa day, I sure need that and a rose for Lauren Grace. Today we took Drew for his follow ups. His Dr. is so so nice she told me I am a over committed parent and that I need to enjoy my life as well and to stop worrying. Got to love a Dr. that cares for her patient and the family too.  She spent 40 min with us and hugged Drew and told him she wasn't going to hurt him.  She also made a point to say he is so lucky to have family support where so many kids don't. We are going to have a fun weekend and enjoy our many blessings!! 

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