Thursday, February 14, 2013


 What a hard few weeks we have had.  Drew was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease last May.  He doesn't have a lot of typical Crohns symptoms but that is the complicated part of the disease it manifests differently in different people.  In December he was sick with a stomach virus that hit him 3 times within a week or two in between where he was normal.  It was very short lived each time but I did call his Dr. the second time and with the last time a couple weeks ago she was concerned that he had a partial blockage in his intestine.  Crohns causes your stomach to basically attack its own self for a multitude of reasons and then there are times where the disease goes into remission for even years. The flair causes the intestines to get inflamed and raw which can cause scar tissue and narrowing. Unlike the previous 24 hr bugs he had this time he was not feeling better in a day.  He was not himself at all and his stomach was gurgling and he felt really sick.  I took him to the emergency room because I just knew something was not right and after talking to his Dr. I was not taking any chances.  My mom drove over from 3 hrs. away because Rob was in TX and I needed help. We found out from his CT scan he had swelling that was causing a partial blockage. His Dr. called me the next day with the sad news that it needed to be removed surgically.  She felt that this problem would continue and steroids would not help, it basically was from scar tissue from before we even knew he had crohns.  So we met with a surgeon a couple days later and he had his surgery last Tuesday.  It was not a easy surgery by any means.  Drew had already lost weight from being sick, then he was not allowed to eat for about a week after.  He was strictly on IV fluids.  The intestines have to rest after a surgery like this and they have to wake back up.  It took about 4 days for that to happen and they finally let him eat the day before we came home. He had a NG tube in his nose when he woke up from surgery which takes stomach fluids out of the belly so he would not get sick, he also had tons of wires everywhere.  I can't say that this was easy seeing him this way.  If I am honest I felt like I died and it broke my heart in every way.  Things did get better though and the hospital does everything they can to keep the kids minds off of pain.  Everyday we would walk to the playroom and do crafts.  God love him he walked down in pain each day just to play, it took several days to see him smile.  He had a dog come visit him actually several and that made him smile.  We spent eight days in the hospital and Rob went back and forth to help with the other kids.  I really missed our normal life and Jaden and Lauren.  I have had lots of emotions, and none of it seems fair but I do know that things could be worse. He is much better now and he is happy. Happiness and the love of many friends and family is a gift that many people never acquire.  There is a part of a mothers heart that just breaks when you face these kind of issues.  There is nothing we can do but have faith in God to see us through. We have been shown love from near and far and I could not ask for a better school for my kids.  Drew has now become a celebrity at the school(: He is enjoying that!!  He received 400 get well cards, gifts and attention from so many people. It is amazing how many people really do care!! This is not going to define him or our family it is just the bad we take with the good.  I somehow thought in my magical mommy way that my kids could have this perfect life, but when you face reality it kind of hits you.  I have to remind myself that God never said it would be easy and all of us will have struggles they just are different kinds of problems for each of us. The times that are the hardest is when I have to explain to him why this happened and why we have to get shots, iv's etc..We also talk about the kids that are in far worse shape, and how God uses all our trials to make us more like Him. I do ask for my friends and family to continue to please pray for my son he is a amazing, funny, talented, smart kid.  Oh and he goes by DrewB3 now. In total Drew fashion he loves  RG111!! My mom nicknamed him Drew Bear when he was a baby and I always called him DrewB as a nickname so now we have DREWB 111. His sense of humor is lifesaving!! We are going to do the best we can with this and pray that medicines work and that he can have many years without pain, and for healing and a cure!!
Thank  you all!!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your son my heart goes out to all of you. I have ulcerative colitis which is very similar and I know the daily struggles that go along with it. My thoughts and prayers are with your son and family.

  2. I love you sharing this as a testimony. (And you KNOW I love DrewBIII!)


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