Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving and a Christmas tree

We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year at my mom's.  My aunt, Cousin and her new baby were there too.  I have not met this new guy yet and let me say I enjoying holding him all weekend long. I miss my kids being this age.  He was such a easy sweet baby, my goodness my cousin Sarah is spoiled (:  Drew loves babies so much. We went shopping on Friday, and saw the new Twilight Movie which was really good.
Reagan, love his eyes! 
 My 3 Blessings
 silly pic
 I put my tree up right before we left so when we came home we could enjoy it. This year I actually had time to plan and decorate.  Last year we moved a few days before Christmas so we didn't have much time to enjoy our tree or decorate.  I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.  The kids are at a great age to enjoy all the fun.  
 I decided to put the tree back in the same corner as last year. It looks so pretty from outside it made the most sense.  You can see it from the side of our house coming up our hill and from the front.
 I first had all silver, green, and brown but I really missed my red. I love red for Christmas.  I love seeing all the new non-traditional colors for Christmas but I guess I like classic styles best. 

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