Monday, December 3, 2012

Catch Up Post

 Hi friends, Seriously my kids are getting so big!! I am getting ready to do my jumbo photo order that I try to do every 6 months. I am paranoid that my computer could crash and I would lose everything.  So my neurotic self prints all the pictures, and burns them to a disc just in case.  I am a high volume photo taker, ha ha.  I was looking over some of our photos and I could not believe how the kids are changing. Makes me sad and sometimes happy depends on the day. I like it when I can sit down and relax more because they are older and other times I look at their rooms and what toys they don't want anymore and it makes me cry. Then I remember all the sleepless nights and my endless coffee days and I feel much more refreshed now. We still have plenty of moments where each child needs something right now, baby fits, and behavior modification (nice way of saying it)  
I can not believe how fast time goes!!  I remember it taking forever to go from Thanksgiving to Christmas now we only have 23 days till Christmas and I still have a lot to get done.
Operation Christmas Child was a while back but I was so proud of how much my kids enjoyed it.  Lauren is still young so it was a little harder for her but towards the end she seemed to get it.  Lauren really struggled with putting a purple necklace in the box. Here is a repeat of what Jaden told Lauren, "Lauren, these are people from Africa that have nothing and eat dirt cookies,that you could be you." It was really funny at the moment.  Poor Lauren(: She finally gave in with tears. They are so cute and sincere when they talk about social issues, I love to silently listen. 
   One day I will really enjoy looking back at all these little projects. I love this boxwood wreath.  I think I might leave it up all year round. 
 This little bathroom needed to be brightened up a bit and the walls are a little rough.  I bought some breadboard wall paper and had Rob trim out the top with molding.  Very inexpensive and really makes a difference.

 I finally talked Rob into removing the horrible ceiling fan. We compromised by placing a neat looking  fan on his nightstand in the summer. My room is so much brighter in the winter because all the leaves are now gone.
 A fun little project, I made.  You can take a old miniature holder, My mom still has one of these from when I was a kid, or a vintage stamp drawer and add holders on the back. I bought this one off of eBay and then used my glue gun to add shells. I love vintage looking things with the new twist, Think Pottery Barn without the price.
Big news the mini van it gone! I loved my mini van for the kids when they were toddlers but this is better now for us. I highly recommend this for families that have 3 kids if your done with the minivan but don't want a huge SUV. 
 I really love it,please kids keep it nice!!   

 The endless piles of leaves.  We or should I say my husband and boys worked for hours three weekends in a row racking and blowing leaves. It is unreal how many we have. We don't have to mow much in the summer so I suppose this is our compromise. 
I have so many more pictures to post. Thanksgiving and Christmas to come.

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