Friday, November 16, 2012

Meet Lincoln And Happy Birthday Daddy

 I love this picture, one of my favorites ever.  The kids love their Nana to pieces. Jaden has been asking for a cat for over a year now,he loves cats! I kept holing off because it is another pet for me the kids to  take care of. Lauren also has allergies to cats. I thought we would try him out in the basement only. We have a huge basement so he would not be deprived. So thanks to Nana we now have a new kitty. Lauren has been okay. As long as she doesn't pet him and then touch her face. I vacuum everyday and sweep which seems to help.  She has to wash her hands a lot but so far so good. Jaden named him Lincoln. He seems to be keeping mice away since we have not had one mouse in the basement since he has been around, joys of living in the wilderness. He is a sweetie but not a lap cat.  He likes to do his own thing but is very social as far as siting next to the kids and meowing. It works out well with not much hair on the couch or blankets he likes the floor.
 Best times ever, I love it when I go outside and the boys are playing cops and robbers or whatever they have going on here.
 Rob's birthday was last week the kids as always love birthdays. 
It doesn't make much to make Rob happy.  He was thrilled to get this Mean Joe Greene Jersey, apparently he has wanted a Steelers jersey his whole life so we fulfilled that wish.  He is now collecting mini helmets to all the places we have lived.  So now we have to get a West Virginia, Dayton, and Arkansas helmet so that helps with ideas. I have already started Christmas shopping this year, I am really happy about that. I would like to order online as much as I can.  I love to shop but not around hot crowded malls with crazy people.

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  1. Yay! An Arkansas helmet!! I bet it's the best one huh?! Love you guys!


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