Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Chair Trash To Treasure

 I found this chair at a thrift store for $10 can you see the potential?  I have never really covered a chair with a back like this before but I was up for the challenge. 
 I ripped off the blue and now we have Brady Bunch yellow, olive and orange.
 The bottom part was not to bad the top was a little harder.  The back is still not perfect but it looks pretty good.  I used my staple gun to pull and tuck corners.

 I am very messy when I do projects, as you can see. Trash To Treasure here we go....
 not bad!
 I found this little table at the antique flea market for $8 it is really light weight but cute.  I stained it, it was a yellow wood color and put my terrarium on top.  The bottom picture i s a little dark in the center but I think this looks really cute.

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  1. Super cute! I actually liked the yellow fabric, ha! It looks awesome, nice job, Katie!


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