Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Chair Trash To Treasure

 I found this chair at a thrift store for $10 can you see the potential?  I have never really covered a chair with a back like this before but I was up for the challenge. 
 I ripped off the blue and now we have Brady Bunch yellow, olive and orange.
 The bottom part was not to bad the top was a little harder.  The back is still not perfect but it looks pretty good.  I used my staple gun to pull and tuck corners.

 I am very messy when I do projects, as you can see. Trash To Treasure here we go....
 not bad!
 I found this little table at the antique flea market for $8 it is really light weight but cute.  I stained it, it was a yellow wood color and put my terrarium on top.  The bottom picture i s a little dark in the center but I think this looks really cute.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pray for foster kids this Thanksgiving

My friend Jaime posted this on Face book today and it just touched me. This video is very long and is kind of like a documentary but worth your time.  I know many people are not called to adoption or can't at this time but I think many can if they are honest. It is very easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives which includes serving ourselves and our immediate family. If we get out of our bubble and see what God places in front of us we could all change the world one step at a time. The next best computer, phone, car or purse will not fulfill your heart like when you serve others. God does something magical to you heart that can not be anything but God living in you. That love you feel is how God feels about each one of us and we get to feel that love. This Thanksgiving keep foster kids and orphans in your prayers.  I can't imagine not having the love of a family. The pain at the holidays is probably unbearable.  I really love the movie Antwone Fisher and if you have seen the movie there is a scene in which the main character who was in foster care has his first Thanksgiving being in a real family. As a young boy he dreamed of the very scene and then as a adult he finally gets to enjoy the moment.  It very touching but probably the reality for many of these kids please pray for them this Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving friends

Friday, November 16, 2012

Meet Lincoln And Happy Birthday Daddy

 I love this picture, one of my favorites ever.  The kids love their Nana to pieces. Jaden has been asking for a cat for over a year now,he loves cats! I kept holing off because it is another pet for me the kids to  take care of. Lauren also has allergies to cats. I thought we would try him out in the basement only. We have a huge basement so he would not be deprived. So thanks to Nana we now have a new kitty. Lauren has been okay. As long as she doesn't pet him and then touch her face. I vacuum everyday and sweep which seems to help.  She has to wash her hands a lot but so far so good. Jaden named him Lincoln. He seems to be keeping mice away since we have not had one mouse in the basement since he has been around, joys of living in the wilderness. He is a sweetie but not a lap cat.  He likes to do his own thing but is very social as far as siting next to the kids and meowing. It works out well with not much hair on the couch or blankets he likes the floor.
 Best times ever, I love it when I go outside and the boys are playing cops and robbers or whatever they have going on here.
 Rob's birthday was last week the kids as always love birthdays. 
It doesn't make much to make Rob happy.  He was thrilled to get this Mean Joe Greene Jersey, apparently he has wanted a Steelers jersey his whole life so we fulfilled that wish.  He is now collecting mini helmets to all the places we have lived.  So now we have to get a West Virginia, Dayton, and Arkansas helmet so that helps with ideas. I have already started Christmas shopping this year, I am really happy about that. I would like to order online as much as I can.  I love to shop but not around hot crowded malls with crazy people.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yes, you can paint those ugly countertops!

I have been up to some crazy experiments lately with painting but I am happy to say that I have had really great results.  I painted my stone fireplace, and I could not be happier and now I am going to show you how you can paint Formica. My house was build in 86 so I have some really ugly stuff, but the good news is there is nothing 80's left at this point. I will warn you that this is not a quick easy fix but if you can blend colors and have patience you can do it.  It is time consuming but it is so cheap.  I did not buy anything to complete this project.  I have an arsenal of products in my decorating station down in the basement. My counter top is a custom size, it would have been $2,000 for the granite. That would be wonderful but we have put a lot of money into the house so I don't want to overdo it. Here is what you need to get started.  You need primer that sticks to shiny surfaces. I used Bullseye 123.  You first need to sand your top and then clean it. Next you use the primer and let it dry for a few days. Next I used a creamy white base painted on with a foam brush. (make sure you tape off your sink).  Then I used a med tan, and used a darker tan for the contrast. You do this step by blending and dabbing with a paper towel.  I don't know how else to explain it but you just dab color all over and then make layers with all three colors until you get the look your going for.  I wanted a stone look, so I even used my fingers to swirl color. I added a little black to make a little splatter. You pull back bristles of a tooth brush with a very small amount of paint.
You will feel like Bob Ross, and as you can tell above you may need candy and Coke to keep up the momentum during this process.
UGLY!!  mauve, tan, peach!

 looking better, here is a close up of the blending.  It takes some time to get the look your going for but you can't mess it up so don't worry. 
 Once you get all your coats, then you use a polyurethane.  I used the water based stuff this time because I read that the other could yellow. I used a foam brush and put on 5 layers letting it drying in between. After this I used clear plumbers caulk around the sink once you peel off your tape. Don't use the blue tape,you think I would know this by now, use Frog Tape.  I accidentally pulled a little to much paint off.  I fixed it and then sealed around the sink with the sealer. This is not granite but it looks much better. I expect it to last for a while, It has been about 3 weeks now and nothing has chipped.
 Before Below- I also painted the room antique white by Sherwin Williams. I need to find a before before with the horrible floors and brown vanity that would make a good comparison.  I also removed the towel rack and hand towel rack.  I still need a bamboo shade but you get the idea. 
It looks more spacious with the bar removed.  It is not a huge bathroom so I lightened everything and it looks so much better. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Lauren went to the Pumpkin Patch last week with her preschool class. She really loved it and like most things that she enjoys she did not want to leave. She is really enjoying preschool and I am really glad that I gave her that extra year. She is really maturing nicely and wants to be a good girl. Girls are so different then boys. She told me yesterday that she wanted to make me lunch, fold all the laundry and mop the floors. She actually enjoys helping. 

 My little Cowgirl
 Lauren's class, look how big she is! I have to remind myself that she is only 5 all the time.
 Mr. Abe Lincoln. 
 Abe Lincoln Vs. Vampires. Lots of great movies about these two lately

 It was cold but we had fun. Drew's buddy Conner and his parents came with us.

 WOW! We had some generous sweet neighbors. Lots of older ladies that made little treat bags. 
Another Successful Trick Or Treat. The kids are already planning what they want to be next year. Drew is saying Steven Tyler, and Jaden A walking Encyclopedia.  We will see.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lauren's Paris room

 Wow, about 9 months ago I started her room and I am finally finished.  We finally took the dreaded 90's ceiling fan/light out.  This chandelier is from Ikea it was a brushed nickel that I spray pained heirloom white.  

 I just love this vintage poodle light. Antique/flea market shops are some of my favorite types of stores. I have found the coolest things for great prices.
 She originally wanted purple but we decided to add in some pink because we had so much of it laying around.  When I was at the fabric store we came across this poodle fabric.  It was perfect.  The color is a gray purple.  I sewed the valances and just stuck them on the blinds, no rods.  Rods would be better but until I get to it this will do.  I added the ball fringe with a glue gun.  I love these!!
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