Saturday, October 27, 2012

Projects and leaves

I finally got my long awaited coffee table.  I have had my eye on this thing for a couple years, it so cool. You can change out all your little treasures.
Rob installed wood floor in our upstairs landing.  It looks so much better!!

I wish I had a before picture. We had a faded red deck that looked awful. The deck is getting older but it sill has some life in it.  It is a huge deck so we are trying to make it last as long as we can. We painted it gray and it looks so much better and matches our house.
I can't explain how many leaves we have.  They fall about ever two days.  It takes hours to clean them up and then we do it all again a few days later. These are from last week probably the last week of beautiful leaves.  I love where we live it is so so pretty!!


  1. Can you say DREAM HOME? Your home is just lovely is like a photo from a magazine! Just gorgeous!!

  2. What color paint do you have on your wall on your landing??


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