Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disney part 3

 Haunted Mansion fun
 The New Dumbo area is so beautiful, I just love the fountain and the lights. 

 Disney fireworks, this place is the best!
 Kids getting ready to ride the Rockin Roller Coaster for the first of many times

 Last time at Disney we rode the Tower Of Terror and we did not know what to expect, it scared us bad!  This time we had to talk the kids into it and they were not budging. Jaden agreed to ride it with Rob, then with me and then we talked Drew and Lauren in to it. It was not nearly as bad as the first time, now we have a family tradition and we had a great laugh.
 On the way home on the Magic Express, so tired
Lauren feel asleep five different times on the way home, she was so worn out.  
We had a wonderful time once again and we can't wait to go back. It truly is a magical place that I hope to go back to many times. There is no way you could not be happy at Disney.

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