Monday, October 1, 2012

Disney Part 2

 I love getting up in the morning and spending all day at the Disney Parks. The kids are at a great age, not strollers and no complaining.

 The boys birthday's were the week after our trip so they wore Birthday pins and got lots of attention.  Don't forget to were pins if their is any sort of celebration, it makes the trip that more special.

 We love Hollywood Studios. Drew is 1"taller then Lauren who is 48"  Both of them could ride everything and they did. I was so proud of Drew he has really gotten over some fears.  The loved the Rockin Roller Coaster, we rode it lots of times.  

 Toy Story Mania

 We love Garden Grill! This is one of our favorite restaurants at Disney.

 Snow White was so sweet to Lauren, she played the part so well.
Lauren could not be happier. She got to walk with Ariel in a little parade around the restaurant.  She was so proud. Ariel told Lauren that she would see her at the ocean so now every time Lauren sees water she asks me if Ariel is waiting for her.

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