Monday, October 22, 2012

catching up again

Oh my goodness. I keep finding old pictures that I wanted to add to my blog. I hate not documenting such great memories. Things have been crazy in the last few months but I think we are finally reaching a light at the end of the tunnel.  I will talk more soon about all of that.  This picture was from the end of August.  Rob and I wanted to go out of our anniversary and we were planning on being at my parents that weekend but there was a family situation that my mom needed to help with. We decided to take the kids with us and go to a Japanese steak house. The kids dressed up and they were coached on having great manors. In the above picture we had some crying from Drew and some annoying behavior from Jaden.  It is crazy at times but it is real life.  My kids are imperfect angels.  It seems like we are constantly parenting, discussing,forgiving...They are learning and so are we.
 Lauren was scared of the fire but enjoyed herself
 Jaden and Drew with chopsticks
 Rob surprised me with a beautiful ring! I was completely shocked and it is so beautiful, he picked it all out himself.
 Some cute picture of my Lauren Grace.  She doesn't wear her hair in a afro to much because it tangles easy but it looks really cute like this. It is amazing how her hair is so much longer but it curls right up.
 She looks so old here!
 Right when we got back from Disney the boys decided they wanted a birthday party.  So I threw a little party together. It was great! You think with today's standards that kids want to be entertained by something elaborate but they really don't. I really love home parties.  Part of the mess is part of the memory for me.  I get so excited when their little friends start arriving.  I love to make food, treat bags, and have parties. There was nothing fancy, but a field, a fire, food and all the boys had the time of their lives.
 Easy cake that was simple to make.  My boys are so sweet and happy to get anything. I am so proud that they are givers and appreciative. We have our moments but for the most part they are thankful for the smallest of gestures.
 My Birthday Boys
 The kids and parents are very nice here.  It has not taken long for the boys to make friends, and they are good kids.
 Bobbing for apples.  Let me say that this is the simplest birthday activity and the boys just loved it!!  They all got soaked but thoroughly enjoyed the task and challenge.  
Now to get done everything else on my list this week I will be in good shape.  A mom's work is never done.  I am thankful to live this life even though my rest is limited I won't regret my time enjoying these kids.

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  1. Hey, Katie. I found it! What beautiful pics you have. Jonah had a great time at Drew's party!


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