Friday, September 7, 2012

Lauren's 1st day of Preschool

Lauren's 1st Day of Preschool was Wednesday. She was happy to go but was mad it was not kindergarten. It is so hard with summer birthdays to decide what to do.  She is so ready academically but maturity I think another year would suit her in the future. I am still trying to get her to stop sucking her fingers!!  Any suggestions would be appreciated. So one more year at home with my last baby.  She goes to a preschool right down the street from the boys school so it works out nice in the morning.  
 Lauren 5 yrs old want to be a Chef when she grows up
 I am so in love with these lunch dividers.  I was so sick of placing everything in Ziploc bags.  Sometimes I noticed that food tasted weird in the plastic bags, that can't be good.  I found these at TJMaxx and they are awesome.  I also saw some nicer ones at Pottery Barn but they were kind of high and I wanted to make sure I liked the concept before they became another unused item in the cabinet.  So far so good. 

Since I have a little more time lately I made Lauren some new hair bows.  She has a big collection but is slowly outgrowing some of them and she needed a few fresh ones.  My time in the south made me fall in love with hair bows. I used to buy them but then started messing around with different techniques and came up with something that worked for me. It is rewarding to make my own and be able to buy any ribbon combinations I want. 
So far school is going well. Summer was great but being back into a routine and having a little more time to get things done around the house is wonderful.


  1. Annelise is 6.5 & in 1st grade, and I *JUST* got her to stop sucking her fingers. Actually, nothing *I* did to curb it ever worked; it just happened to click for her when my mom took her to a kids' spa for mani, pedi, & facial. It wasn't her first time at a place like that, but I think it just happened to click & coincide her maturing enough. I honestly thought she'd still be sucking them at 17... :-P It's been over two months, though, and she hasn't done it once!!! Although, now she wants to keep her nails nicely painted. :-D

    Fresh bows! YAY!!! I need to freshen up Annelise's collection, too.

  2. Isabella just said...that's my Lauren!!! I miss her so much!! Katie you are the best Mom I know and you always make the best choices for your babies!!! Love and miss you!

  3. I love the lunchbox containers!! I am sure Lauren will do great in preschool and I am sure the boys will also do great in school!

  4. (PS - just nominated you for a blog award over at my blog, if you want to check it out: :-))

  5. My older daughter's birthday was in March but I still didn't think she was ready for kindergarten... At the time I seemed so radical keeping her home another year. That just wasn't the norm 16 or so years ago, and I had "friends" think it was borderline abusive... (Well, not to my face... as comments like that usually go...) But she was so shy and still sucking her fingers too. I worked on the shyness over the next year but didn't get the finger sucking under control until much later. I was able to convince her that if she did it in front of other kids they might make fun of her, so at least she didn't do it in school. Her younger sister sucked her thumb and this was a nearly constant source of trouble for me until one summer when I decided bribery was the way to go... I would put a roll of quarters each into two labeled jelly jars and told them I'd take away a quarter for each time I had to remind them not to suck on their fingers and if they still had enough at the end of two weeks to pay for it I would take them to the movies. (It cost 7.50 + 2.00 for ice cream afterwards if they had it.) My older one had enough for both but my younger cold only afford the movie. I have to admit, I felt horrible eating ice cream in front of her, but the next two week goal was 8.00 go ice skating and she made sure she had enough... I kept this going for quite some time. Granted it cost me $40 a month but worth it in the long run!

    PS. I love the lunch boxes... I am headed to my TJ Maxx tomorrow to see if they have them!

  6. She's too precious! Great job on the bows! I've resorted to buying some lately cause I just don't feel like making them anymore. Ha!!

  7. I really like your hair bows : ) You are amazing.
    My friend Kelli Hoskins makes these bento box lunches that are so fabulous. I will share the link with you if I can find it : )


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