Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Jaden

 Dear Jaden,
You are 10 years old today, double digits!!  It seems like yesterday I had you at the hospital.  I was so nervous that something was going to go wrong, I read every pregnancy book you could ever imagine.  I loved you being my first baby, it was magical the day you were born. It was like I died and went to heaven when I first laid my eyes on your sweet face. You looked just like your daddy and you still do. I took you everywhere when you were a baby, we were best buddies. I remember lots of sleepless nights and walking into your room to check on you every few hours to make sure you were still breathing. You were a bright baby that was strong willed and you had a bad temper. So far your strong passionate personality is turning out to be a great asset for you. You are a leader and love to try almost anything. You are so brave and not afraid to try new experiences. You continue to impress us with your maturity and wisdom.  I have no clue how your only ten but have so much of the world figured out so soon.  You are a good judge of character and love hard work.  Most days I find you reading a book or watching a show on the History Channel.  I love that you're your own person.  You seem happy to be a kid and you enjoy each day. You are a polite kid and don't seem spoiled at all. You are happy with used books and don't ask for much at all. You love God and have a compassionate heart.  You and I like to look at antique stores and watch movies together. You love your guinea Pig and dog and would love a cat but you understand Lauren is allergic. Your favorite foods are home cooking type foods.  You love meat, mashed potatoes, and anything else that is of that type.  Don't forget your Lego building skills you are a Lego man. You spend hours with your Lego's and you are so good at following the directions. I admire your patience and fix it attitude. You love to take things apart and gain understanding.  I can tell you I have gained so much knowledge and know many records from the Guinness Book Of World Records thanks to you. Mom and Dad are both so proud of the man you are becoming. We look forward to every year we have raising you.  Your a great kid!


  1. Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy!! I love him to pieces!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby! I hope this year is a wonderful year for him. I love his smile.

  3. Happy Birthday Jaden! Drew's is coming!


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