Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
I know I say this every year but I can't believe your 8 now. You're a self described mama's boy and your newest line is that you are proud of it. It wasn't to long ago that I had you in my belly. I had such a big belly with you.  You were a lot bigger then Jaden. You came the day before your due date and my labor was great with you.You were a sweet baby that was calm and loved to be hugged. You knew at a young age what hug meant. I am not making this up but at five months old I said give me hug and you put your face to my chest every time I said it. We share a special bond and have gone through some stuff together in your short life. This year was kind of scary with your belly hurting but you are so much better now that it has been a blessing to see you get better. You have so much energy now and have over come so many fears. In fact you rode every ride at Disney and learned how to swim this summer. You make us laugh and not just cute stuff you are really funny. I love this quality so much.  Everyone needs humor and you certainly have it. Take this and add it to your enduring charming behavior, watch out world. I am amazed how smart you are and I love to watch you draw.  You are good at everything.  You are one of those kids that is a shinning star. You take life with ease and seem happy being laid back. You love babies and have a gentle spirit.  You are calming and have a very emotional sensitive side.  I love to hear about your dreams about becoming a animal photographer and I love to hear about all your animal facts.  Each day I get many hugs and kisses from you and most of the time I get a good laugh from your amazing dance skills.  You know so many songs on the radio and to hear you sing them in the backseat as you bust a move is a good moment in my book. You love baseball, eating, and fixing your faux hawk and being the likable boy that you are. We are so proud of you Big D as your dad calls you.


  1. Happy Birthday Drew! You have always been a sweet boy!

  2. I love this boy so very much!


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