Monday, September 17, 2012

Catch Up Post

Hey Friends!! This pretty much sums up life at this moment. We just got back from Disney.  It was fabulous just like last time we went.  Hands down the best vacation for families with younger kids.  Now it is back to work and everyday tasks. I finally am caught up on laundry and all the homework.  The boys birthday is this week too and they decided to have a little party because Disney was not enough.  That sounds bad, they are great kids but wanted a few friends over so I am getting some things together for friday.  I am so behind on blogging which I love to do but sometimes I am so tired when I hit the bed I have nothing left. This post is pretty much going to be the things I have not added that I want to remember down the road.
 Lauren's beautiful butterfly, I love this makeup it is so pretty on her. Yes, I caved and let her get it done.
 Lauren is the perfect age for infomercials.  We 
now have a few things from her generation including Slushy Magic which is actually pretty neat.  She also begged me for one of those night light pillow pets.  Jaden and Drew also went through this stage so now I have a collection of As seen On TV items.
 These pictures are from when I went to Atlanta to see my BFF Jackie.  I wish I had some more clearer pictures of the hotel.  I only brought my phone but in the background you can see our room.  We stayed at the St. Regis which was phenomenal. I was standing in the bathroom and there were these sliding doors to the bedroom.  Everything was decorated beautiful.  Carpets on wood floor throughout, great furniture, neat accessories.  Every girls dream, I could live there.
 I look like I am stabbing her, that is awful. They cut the champagne cork with a knife and the guy said I needed to take a picture with the knife.
 I love Topiaries!!  
 These picture are form a while ago but I took the kids to the amusement park by our house.  Lots of spiny rides that make me feel like I am going to puke. For some reason kids can handle them but every year I get worse and worse.  I do love roller coasters though.
 We went to see my parents a couple weeks ago.  Jaden and Grandpa above at Sweet Frogs.  
 My mom let us take her cool car on a date. 
 We took the kids to Nemacolin which is a really nice resort about 45 min away from us. You don't have to stay but you can go for the day and walk around and look at all the animals that the resort keeps on the property.
 It is a little cooler because it is in the Mountains
 There is also a state park near by called OhioPyle that has a waterfall. Sometimes on Saturdays if we don't have sports we take drives and let the kids explore new things.
 A few weeks ago we went to the Steelers training camp which happens near us ever year.  It was pretty neat.  They had games for the kids, and you can get all kinds of autographs from players.

 Drew and Lauren in a race
 real uniforms to let the kids try on

I was really impressed on how many players stayed to sign stuff for fans.  Many stayed for over an hr after being in 90 degree heat for who knows how long.  

 Jaden loves anything that has to do with autographs, history, value..He cracks me up.  This guy behind him was so much fun!!  I don't even know who he was but he should have been a comedian.  He had us all laughing and having a good time.
I am caught up a bit, I still have so many posts to post. Disney picture to come soon.


  1. Awesome update!! Love you!

  2. LOVE Lauren's butterfly!!!
    HA re: "As Seen On TV"! :-P
    Every year I get worse on the spiny amusement park rides, too!
    Steelers training camp = SO AWESOME!!!

  3. I laughed about you stabbing your friend : ) You look awesome. LOVE your dress! Love the facepaint and the footballers as well! I love your family Katie.

  4. So much fun in one post... I need to do one of these as I have so many fun memories currently prisoner in my camera!
    We loved taking the girls to Disney when they were younger... We even though about going again this spring for "old time sake" and because there were so many things we didn't do because the girls were too young... Alas I think a cruise won out, but maybe when the grandchildren start arriving...

  5. My kids have been wanting Slushie Magic too! Well, since you said it's a good buy, maybe we will try it, LOL. Katie, you look great! Love the Steelers pics!


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