Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of School 2nd and 4th

 My boys!! They are looking so much older this year. I just looked back at last year and they both have matured so much. I wish they would stop now, I love their ages and personality. They both still think I am the greatest and coolest.(not always but you know what I mean) I told Jaden the other day that in a couple years he won't think I am so cool.  He of course says "Mom, I will never think you are not cool." We went on to discuss that sometimes teenagers don't think of their parents being teenagers before. It takes time to be confident in who you and getting past the awkward stage is normal. I hope they always feel like they can talk to me honestly. I hope they never go through that my parents are so not cool stage.  I have always been open with my kids about being real, struggles, and life's not so fun times. I don't say no to everything and when I do I explain my reason. Hopefully they will respect us in the teen years. 
Drew 2nd Grade 
Wants to be Animal Photographer
Jaden 4th Grade
Wants to be a Mechanical Engineer
 I love them with all my heart!!

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  1. I was always "real" and open with our daughters and we never had that period where they didn't want me around. In fact they still hang out with me pretty much all the time, just tonight my oldest (who married in June) & her husband and our youngest & her fiance' wanted me to go with them on an after dinner Wal-Mart run... AND not because they wanted me to pay... No they just said "It's always more fun when you come!" And I am chronically uncool!
    Keep being open and real with them and it will pay off!


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