Thursday, August 16, 2012

End Of Summer Fun

 The End of Summer is near.  We only have about a week left. The kids are ready and so am I. It is nice to have a routine and a little quite time.  It is anything but quite at this house.  Lauren is going to wait one more year for kindergarten.  Even though she is a smarty pants she needs one more year to mature, and for her to be the youngest in the class would only make it harder for her. She has really improved in listening and patience and loves to do school work but all on her time table. On one hand it drives me crazy that she wants to be so independent but on the other hand she gets ready all by herself and tries to make her own food. We had a little microwave fire last week. All is okay but she had in her mind that :30 seconds was the same as 30:00 minutes.  I forgot about the pizza when I told her about :30 seconds.  She felt so embarrassed when it smoked out the kitchen.  The boys on the other hand would be happy for me to wait on them hand and foot.  We are working on that too.  Speaking of Lauren I just took her to her 5yr check up.  She is off the chart and is officially the size of a 7-8 yr old.  She is 4ft tall and weighs in perfectly with her height. Dr. says she might slow down in a few years but defiantly will be tall (:  Such a nice Dr. he spent a long time with us and answered all my mom questions.
 Here she is Miss Fitness America!  Love this suit, this is actually her second suit she outgrew her other one already.  The only problem with having a tall girl is that the styles in clothes in big girls is so mature and not what I want my 5 yr old to wear. Thanks to Gymboree we have a little time since their styles are age appropriate, love Gymboree!!  Although she has been hinting to Justice, no Lauren not yet. 
 Drew is ready for school!  He loves school.  He is Mr. Popularity with the ladies and teachers.  They all love him.  He seriously has a way with people.  They are drawn to him. Probably all his charm and dance moves.  
 Slip And Slide Fun!!  Remember the Slip and Slide?  My kids still love this thing.  Every year we have  to get a new one due to some unforeseen hole.  

 Jaden is the ultimate champion at running and diving he is so funny to watch. For not wanting to do sports he would sure fool you with the athleticism he has. Typical of a strong willed child it is all about what they want to do.

 Love this, feet up

 Again and again.  At least they all slept well.  This kept them entertained a couple hours.
 Lauren has been wanting a Easy Bake Oven for forever.  I finally caved in.  She wants to be cooker as she calls it.  Even though the box says ages 8 and up she had to try this herself.  Drew enjoyed helping her eat all the food.  The food was bad, and I think she realized that it was not the same as moms kitchen.  I am hoping to donate the oven soon with her knowledge.  It was so much work and messy for not even a 4"brownie and a 2"pretzel.
 On another note Atlanta was so fun!  I don't even want to blog about the plane ride since I was delayed both ways and started off with a cancelled flight.  It was such a pain but I finally made it to see Jackie.  I did not take my camera but my phone so I will try to post of a few pictures. Lots going on here and I am way behind on documenting.  More to come.


  1. Ha! I 100% get you on "No Justice!" yet. :-P She ABSOLUTELY looks like Miss Fitness America!!!

    Your kids & pics are fantastic!

  2. Hi, I was following a bunch of links and ended up on your blog and I am so glad I did... Such fun pictures of your kiddos on the slip-n-slide... My oldest daughter was very tall for her age too. It used to frustrate when people would give us looks... I could tell they were thinking she was immature and I had to tell them she is four not seven...


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