Thursday, August 2, 2012

Around The House part 2

 I am trying to lighten my house in ever way.  I love the woods they are so beautiful but if you live in the woods it is very dark even when it is shinning brightly outside.  Living in PA it very cloudy in the winter and the summers are beautiful. We do have plans to get rid of a few trees close to the house so I am sure it will help with the darkness.  My upstairs hallway is very dark but a neat area.  Once you reach the top of the landing there is a small decorative area.  We ordered wood plank flooring to replace the carpet, it is dark but I think overall it will look much better.  
 My ugly fireplace room, needs some help but we are not doing this for a while so for now I am trying my best. My real fake hydrangeas. Birdie fountain from my mom that Lauren loves to play in.  A personal pool for Barbie and friends.

 Our room is not to dark during the day.  I really like the paint it looks either warm gray or greige.  

 I added a aqua color pillow and of course beach accents
 More fake flowers I am breaking the don't with this but I can't get enough of these hydrangeas. I bought them at Target and they really do look real. Another gift from my mom my beloved Pottery Barn clock, and my little bunny dish.
 I LOVE these shells towers??  I have no idea what they are called.  I saw ones similar at Anthropologie last year but they were $120 a piece.  TJMaxx had similar ones but they were not that great of quality, then I found these at a home boutique for half a much as Anthroplogie and I think they are probably the same. I am not a huge fan of Anthropologie but they do have neat knobs, lotions and a few things hear and there that are fabulous. Sometimes I will see a shirt or two but their clothes are so expensive and they look like rich hippie clothes inflated 500% in price. One day when I was in there I even saw a disgusting vintage green chair for $2,000 I wondered if they found it on the curb. Sorry mom I know you love your hippie store (: 
Love!!  Tomorrow I am off to Atlanta to spend time with BFF Jackie can't wait to have our girls weekend.  I already told the kids I can not handle any ER visits so please be careful when I am gone.  Everyday there is some fall or blood shed around here. So thankful for my husband who will be holding down the fort while I am gone being whisked away in shopping heaven for a few days.

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