Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of School 2nd and 4th

 My boys!! They are looking so much older this year. I just looked back at last year and they both have matured so much. I wish they would stop now, I love their ages and personality. They both still think I am the greatest and coolest.(not always but you know what I mean) I told Jaden the other day that in a couple years he won't think I am so cool.  He of course says "Mom, I will never think you are not cool." We went on to discuss that sometimes teenagers don't think of their parents being teenagers before. It takes time to be confident in who you and getting past the awkward stage is normal. I hope they always feel like they can talk to me honestly. I hope they never go through that my parents are so not cool stage.  I have always been open with my kids about being real, struggles, and life's not so fun times. I don't say no to everything and when I do I explain my reason. Hopefully they will respect us in the teen years. 
Drew 2nd Grade 
Wants to be Animal Photographer
Jaden 4th Grade
Wants to be a Mechanical Engineer
 I love them with all my heart!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Washington D.C

 Finally getting around to document our D.C trip.  We had a wonderful time. We all missed Lauren but she had lots of fun with Nana. There is so much walking and reading that it would have been to much for her. She later saw the pictures and was mad but I reminded her that Nana and her had lots of ice-cream and fun and she agreed. 
We wanted to take the boys to see my grandpa and to see all the history of the area. Since Jaden loves loves history he was gleaming with joy. My grandfather is a real hero he is buried in Arlington with all the other heroes. Not only did he fight in the war he was also a hero in everyday life. He helped my mom out a lot when she was struggling being a single mom. He helped fix things up, was supportive and always made her feel like you could face tomorrow. He also had a fantastic sense of humor and his sayings still go strong in our whole family. We all miss him.  He received two medals of honor. He threw a grenade and saved a bunch of men but no officer was present so he received a bronze star but would have received silver, Not long after he also took a wound to the arm with a machine gun in India.  He almost lost his arm but one Dr. said he could save it and did. This is a man that never complained may we all learn something from our older generation. I thank all all the men and woman for what they do for us each day to have freedom. 
 It is surreal to see all the headstones. There are thousands and thousands it seems.  Arlington is beautiful in many regards.

 Tomb Of The Unknown Solider
 We stayed in Old Town, it was so so charming.  A street lined with neat shops with all kinds of unique finds.  Defiantly a woman's day to shop but I had my three men so that consisted of quickly looking and eating.

 Jaden you are growing up!!  
 The boys favorite place, The Natural History Museum
 All I can think of is Night At The Museum. So many animals, stuffed, bones, replicas you name it.  We love that movie and Ben Stiller so what a brilliant idea.
 I love my son!!  He opens this box up and says "Look Pottery Barn"  

 At Five Guys downtown D.C
 Abe Lincolns real hat that he wore the night he was assassinated. Jaden loves Abe.

 Love this picture on the metro, we found Abe.

 Time to pick Lauren up.  Here she is loving her Nana and Grandpa.  They are pretty great I must say so myself.  She did fine and was a good girl.  My mom said when they were sitting on the porch and saw us coming she cried. Not because she missed us but because she didn't want to go home. 
It was a nice get away and even though we missed Lauren it was nice to have a little break.  My favorite time is when we are all together though so we were glad to have our three again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

End Of Summer Fun

 The End of Summer is near.  We only have about a week left. The kids are ready and so am I. It is nice to have a routine and a little quite time.  It is anything but quite at this house.  Lauren is going to wait one more year for kindergarten.  Even though she is a smarty pants she needs one more year to mature, and for her to be the youngest in the class would only make it harder for her. She has really improved in listening and patience and loves to do school work but all on her time table. On one hand it drives me crazy that she wants to be so independent but on the other hand she gets ready all by herself and tries to make her own food. We had a little microwave fire last week. All is okay but she had in her mind that :30 seconds was the same as 30:00 minutes.  I forgot about the pizza when I told her about :30 seconds.  She felt so embarrassed when it smoked out the kitchen.  The boys on the other hand would be happy for me to wait on them hand and foot.  We are working on that too.  Speaking of Lauren I just took her to her 5yr check up.  She is off the chart and is officially the size of a 7-8 yr old.  She is 4ft tall and weighs in perfectly with her height. Dr. says she might slow down in a few years but defiantly will be tall (:  Such a nice Dr. he spent a long time with us and answered all my mom questions.
 Here she is Miss Fitness America!  Love this suit, this is actually her second suit she outgrew her other one already.  The only problem with having a tall girl is that the styles in clothes in big girls is so mature and not what I want my 5 yr old to wear. Thanks to Gymboree we have a little time since their styles are age appropriate, love Gymboree!!  Although she has been hinting to Justice, no Lauren not yet. 
 Drew is ready for school!  He loves school.  He is Mr. Popularity with the ladies and teachers.  They all love him.  He seriously has a way with people.  They are drawn to him. Probably all his charm and dance moves.  
 Slip And Slide Fun!!  Remember the Slip and Slide?  My kids still love this thing.  Every year we have  to get a new one due to some unforeseen hole.  

 Jaden is the ultimate champion at running and diving he is so funny to watch. For not wanting to do sports he would sure fool you with the athleticism he has. Typical of a strong willed child it is all about what they want to do.

 Love this, feet up

 Again and again.  At least they all slept well.  This kept them entertained a couple hours.
 Lauren has been wanting a Easy Bake Oven for forever.  I finally caved in.  She wants to be cooker as she calls it.  Even though the box says ages 8 and up she had to try this herself.  Drew enjoyed helping her eat all the food.  The food was bad, and I think she realized that it was not the same as moms kitchen.  I am hoping to donate the oven soon with her knowledge.  It was so much work and messy for not even a 4"brownie and a 2"pretzel.
 On another note Atlanta was so fun!  I don't even want to blog about the plane ride since I was delayed both ways and started off with a cancelled flight.  It was such a pain but I finally made it to see Jackie.  I did not take my camera but my phone so I will try to post of a few pictures. Lots going on here and I am way behind on documenting.  More to come.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Around The House part 2

 I am trying to lighten my house in ever way.  I love the woods they are so beautiful but if you live in the woods it is very dark even when it is shinning brightly outside.  Living in PA it very cloudy in the winter and the summers are beautiful. We do have plans to get rid of a few trees close to the house so I am sure it will help with the darkness.  My upstairs hallway is very dark but a neat area.  Once you reach the top of the landing there is a small decorative area.  We ordered wood plank flooring to replace the carpet, it is dark but I think overall it will look much better.  
 My ugly fireplace room, needs some help but we are not doing this for a while so for now I am trying my best. My real fake hydrangeas. Birdie fountain from my mom that Lauren loves to play in.  A personal pool for Barbie and friends.

 Our room is not to dark during the day.  I really like the paint it looks either warm gray or greige.  

 I added a aqua color pillow and of course beach accents
 More fake flowers I am breaking the don't with this but I can't get enough of these hydrangeas. I bought them at Target and they really do look real. Another gift from my mom my beloved Pottery Barn clock, and my little bunny dish.
 I LOVE these shells towers??  I have no idea what they are called.  I saw ones similar at Anthropologie last year but they were $120 a piece.  TJMaxx had similar ones but they were not that great of quality, then I found these at a home boutique for half a much as Anthroplogie and I think they are probably the same. I am not a huge fan of Anthropologie but they do have neat knobs, lotions and a few things hear and there that are fabulous. Sometimes I will see a shirt or two but their clothes are so expensive and they look like rich hippie clothes inflated 500% in price. One day when I was in there I even saw a disgusting vintage green chair for $2,000 I wondered if they found it on the curb. Sorry mom I know you love your hippie store (: 
Love!!  Tomorrow I am off to Atlanta to spend time with BFF Jackie can't wait to have our girls weekend.  I already told the kids I can not handle any ER visits so please be careful when I am gone.  Everyday there is some fall or blood shed around here. So thankful for my husband who will be holding down the fort while I am gone being whisked away in shopping heaven for a few days.
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