Friday, July 6, 2012

Look Who is 5!!

Dear Lauren Grace,
My little girl is now 5!!  It is hard to believe that your not a baby at all anymore but just remember you will always be mom's baby. This has been a great year for you.  You are growing and maturing each day and you surprise me with your inquisitive thinking. Your one of those kids that is always two steps ahead it defiantly keeps us on our toes. Yes you are strong willed at times but mostly because you want to be part of everything and not miss out.  Your not a fan of going to bed at night because you just love to stay up late late. Your our night owl. You always wake up happy so it is hard to really argue with you.  You love your boys as you call them, you idolize them. Jaden and you argue more but I think it is because your both leaders and have a lot of similarities.  Drew is your cuddle bug and your protector. Drew and you are buddies. You both play well together and many times I find you two snuggling on the couch together.  Your favorite color or colors I should say is purple and pink.  Your favorite foods are pancakes, hot dogs, and pizza and you love ice-cream.  That is your favorite desert with mint chocolate chip being your flavor. Your favorite activity is drawing and crafts. You also love balls, and playing in water.  You are becoming such a great artist too. You love to draw rainbows, cats, people and write letter to mom that say "I love You." You love mermaids, and your starting to really enjoy girly things especially cooking with mom.  You tell me you want to be a cooker (: when you grow up.  You are really changing little girl, and we have lots of great days. You make friends everywhere we go and people are just drawn to you. You're sensitive, sweet and care about others.  You love animals and were devastated that daddy caught a mouse in the basement..You cried and cried! Each day you tell me you love me and that your glad I am your friend. Lauren I am blessed to have you as my girl.  Mommy and daddy love you no matter what.  Keep smiling sweetie your a miracle!
Lauren with her Nana and Grandpa
We had a great weekend my parents came to celebrate. I thought this was cute of Lauren watching newlyweds go by in carriage.

Lauren wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday weekend.
He came and brought her a chocolate cake and sang to her.

Lauren and daddy
Tues was her actually b-day.  She requested pancakes of course.  After pancakes she went to her first tennis lesson. Lauren is not a dancing kind of girl at this point. I want the kids to be who they are  whatever they love Rob and I Love.  I don't know a lot about tennis but she loves it and wanted to play.  I have a friend here who's sister in law teaches lessons. She was excellent!!  Lauren loved Miss Kim and did phenomenal.  She showed her some drills and taught her basics.  It was about 100 degrees the morning of her lesson but Lauren listened perfectly the whole half hr.

We may have a future Little Miss Tennis Star on our hands. She likes the William's sisters because they are brown like her. She loves being brown and has a great self image, I am so happy about that.  She also loves being white too and would be happy being either, ha ha.  From the mouth of a child, so darn funny.  I am laughing all the time with these kids.

Lauren and her Miss Kim
Later that day she opened her presents with her big bro's

Drew speaking of adorable stuff kids say tells me last night that I am the best woman he has ever known and he wants to marry me.  He loves his mama!!
Jaden my man of wisdom tells me today that ladies have lady power and can do anything but if you get them angry it is not pretty.  Love this boy!
I love this picture, she was hiding in the shade behind Jaden at our huge HOT fourth of July Parade.  Lauren is our firecracker baby she was born on July 3. It fits her personality perfect and she loves that their are fireworks just for her each year.

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  1. Could she be any more precious?!! I just love her! I've missed talking to you. The kids are growing up so much!!


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