Friday, July 13, 2012

How Many Summer's?

 Jaden looking Chill.  I was thinking about this the other day I only have 9 more summers with Jaden. Just yesterday we were out shopping at Target and they had all the going off to college stuff out. I looked at Jaden and I said,"Hey Buddy before you know it we will be buying all that stuff when you go away to college."  Tears in my eyes..sniff..sniff  He is growing up so fast. He of course says,"Mom I don't want to leave you."  "It will be in a long time, don't worry about that but one day you will want to leave me."  Are we all crying yet?  Drew and Lauren are not far behind, I have already used many of our summers down till these kids are grown. This year has been our best summer yet by far. The kids are finally old enough to do anything even at the spur of the moment. The only issue we have is Lauren at hotel rooms.  For some reason she will not fall asleep.  It really is quite annoying, for some reason it is party time to her and the rest of us are so tired. So far this summer we have joined the pool, Drew is swimming now and Lauren will probably be next year.  The kids love the pool.  We go to the amusement park down the road.  To many spiny rides for me, it can be a little much but they enjoy it.  We have been exploring lots of new things around here. Each week we do one new thing and we change it up a bit depending on the kids input. The kids are at a perfect age I wish I could freeze them for a while. 
 We even have done some science experiments.  Jaden aka the professor made this soap expand by using the microwave.
 We went exploring for fish, frogs, and salamanders.
 We found a big turtle, Drew loves turtles.
 Rob had a business trip in Richmond, VA the kids and I joined him. They love to go with daddy.  We went shopping and explored for the day.  It is fun to go on these 1-2 day trips and see new things.
Here we are, not many picture of mom and dad together.  Drew loves to take his pictures.  
Enjoy your summers, there are not to many left until the kids are grown. I know those days well that seem so long with lots of arguing but try to enjoy each day and don't wish the return of school to soon. We all will miss these days.

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