Monday, June 25, 2012

Visit from friends and Flight 93

 I have had a these picture on my computer for a while and I'm finally getting to post these.  The above beauties are from my yard. I wish they bloomed all summer ):  Now I have hydrangea's blooming which I love just as much.  I love flowers!! A few weeks ago my best friend Jackie and her kids came to visit us in PA.  Jackie and I became very close friends while we both lived in Columbus.  We both have moved several times and have a love for decorating and mothering. Can't go wrong with this combination in my book.  We have had many talks about everything you could imagine, parenting discussions, crying phone calls, decorating dilemmas, mother meltdowns and the most important tons of laughing. Since we have moved I really miss her. It isn't to often in life you meet people that you feel like are more like family then friends. As time goes on we will always keep in touch and her family will always be special to me no matter how long time lapses. In fact her family just recently moved as well to Atlanta. I will be making a trip solo for a visit. (do you believe it?) I never leave my kids but it is time this mama has a little vacation all to myself.  I am going out in August to visit and have some girl time as in shopping and decorating. 
 Here is our crew minus Isabella in the above picture.  My Drew is looking a bit swollen, poor kid.  He was on steroids for over a month but is looking more Drew like these days. He is doing well and for the most part is back to himself plus more energy. He has gone crazy about baseball the last few months. With him feeling better he has wanted to play baseball non stop.  He is getting really good and seems much more passionate. Of course Rob is in heaven and Drew thinks his dad is the best player ever. Sometimes his medicine makes him have headaches but other then that you would never know.  It is really hard to explain this all to a kid but he is so brave and has a great perspective. I remind him that life is 10% and 90% is how we deal with it. He gets it and we are thankful that even though it stinks it could be way worse. He can play, eat, and pretty much have a normal life and be healthy again. Anyway our kids get along great and her kids besides my own are some of the sweetest well behaved children I know.
 Here we are!!  Sorry about my hair, and covering your pretty eyes friend.  I have learned a lot from this  girl.  If something needs to get done this girl can make it happen.  She is talented, smart and extremely funny.
 Here are our girls. They love each other, they really do. Pretty sweet when little Isabella who is only 3 picks out a African American doll so it can look like her friend Lauren  She is as sweet as they come.  Sad that they won't be together much growing up but they will always remember each other.
It was a great visit. We went to the amusement part and went out to eat.  It happened to be my birthday so it was a great way to spend the day together.  Looking forward to our girls weekend and seeing your new home soon!
 About an hr from our house is where flight 93 went down. Can't believe it has been over ten years ago now but it is still very real and sad to see it all.  My kids are getting to the age where they just love history and learning as much as they can about ever thing in the world. We explained to each of them what happened that dreadful day. Sad that this ever had to happen.
 This is where the plane hit, near or on this rock.  The path is cleared but only family member can walk right up to it. Below you can see where some of the trees are a little more bare that is from the plane crash and fire.

 The memorial is still not complete but they are about half way done.  It is very nice and done well.  Along the journey to the wall of all the fallen heroes you could leave mementos.  It was really sweet to see some of the notes and trinkets people made to leave.

 On the way back we stopped at the neatest little town called Ligonier. There is also a famous fort where George Washington was stationed at during the French And Indian War.  Lots of history in Pennsylvania and lots of old landmarks are still around.
We plan on going back this weekend because my parents will be visiting. Can't wait to see the neat shops.This is probably one of the cutest little towns I have been too.  Lots going on here and we are enjoying our summer and activities. More to come.


  1. Katie. You have me bawling!! Thank you for expressing and "feeling" such wonderful things about me and my children We love y'all so much!! You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to be your friend. I love Jaden, Drew and Lauren so much! We've had a ton to fun together and we will continue to have a blast! So many times during my unpacking I've wanted to call and say come over!!! Katie--we are as close as clones!! ;). And now that's not clowns!! But CLONES!!! I love you and know for a fact my move to Columbus happened so we could become friends. I am very lucky to call you a best friend. You are an amazing mother!! I cannot wait for our trip!! I still can't believe you are coming!! Be ready to have a blast! Lots of love to you!

  2. Nice to meet your friend! Thank you for sharing your trip to Flight 93. Tears. Always.

  3. what an amazing experience to visit the Flight 93 location. I hope to go there someday.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award at my Georgie Emerson blog!!


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