Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updates...and some fun projects

 Hi Friends,
I feel like I am getting behind a bit on my blog. I turned my blog into a book a couple years ago and it has worked out really nice. I want to remember everything about my kids and life but just like most things you tend to forget all the details of where you have been and what changes have taken place. 
First is a big change above. Our master bathroom wasn't so master. It is still a bathroom off our bedroom which is nice in any regard.  My old house had a huge bathroom, I mean huge!!  To big it was crazy you could put furniture in the bathroom and a area rug.  I miss it at times but this new bathroom is more practical and I really don't mind it, less to clean. Compromises of olding a older home with charm, love charm..Hard to get it all...
The floor was horrible!!! It was gold with glitter flecks!!  I love glitter but not in my floor (:  The cabinets were poop brown, seriously disgusting.  I didn't want to spend a fortune and I actually like the way the space is used.  If we put in a new vanity it would be hard to put in two sinks without taking up lots of space plus Rob is up earlier then me so it really doesn't affect us.
 A little paint in Sherwin Williams Dover White and new tile that looks just like wood!!!  I was more then thrilled with this since I love wood but know it is not the most practical for bathrooms. This was a great change alone, wow.
 I added a chandelier and of course the paint made a huge difference.  We left the counter tops at this point. The template for granite was $2,000 for this small space. So eventually we will probably raise the vanity and add something new but the 80's lamanite is not to bad for now. I am just going for cost effective methods in this room at this time not a major over hall.  The stress of construction is for another post. 
 This is my new small walk in closet.  Much smaller once again but still nice. I did have clothes hanging on both sides but it made it very hard to actually walk in.  So I removed the rack to the right and Rob added more shelves this was so easy and now I can walk in.  I fold lots of my clothes, jeans etc so worked great for me. Adding shelves is so much easier then buying those wire rack things.  You just buy end pieces of wood, screw them in the wall and add shelves balanced on top.
 I hung tons of my jewelry on these towel racks.  I simply used shower curtains hooks and it works out really well for chunky jewelry.
This living room is always changing.  I have since moved the little table.  I am constantly moving stuff until it feels right. Sometimes it is hard to balance a space correctly with furniture and color.  The rooms in this house are longer so that adds some challenge.
I painted the entry way Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.  I intially painted it tan and it felt to dark.  My house has huge trees covering and adding lots of shade which is nice but can make the house feel dark at times.  So I went with this gray which is very light but looks coastal.  For now I like it, I especially love it with white crown molding. Can't wait to remove this carpet from the steps!!
The boys are sharing a room in this house so that we have a extra room for family and friends. At times they love each other but other times constant pestering. Before I know it they will be making a line down the center.  Other times I find Jaden reading to Drew or the two of them laughing and talking in bed together, melts this moms heart.  I even find Lauren sleeping on floor many nights between them.  They all love each other.
I love the baseball bedding, One is the National League and the other American.  I also added some baseball pictures.
This was what I consider a fun little project.  I love Pinterest and I found a link on how to hang up things in much easier way.  I am so sick of measuring and remeasuring this works out accurate enough.  Just use painters tape to measure your distance on the back of whatever your hanging.  This bath needed a bigger mirror.  I found one at Kirkland's for $15 sounds good to me.
Remember the lamp in the first picture, I wanted something new. I have never been a fan of that fuzzy stuff hanging off but thought the lamp was cute.  I removed the fuzz added some bling. I will brag that I am resourceful even though my husband says I would make a good Hill Billy  You have to be when you love to decorate and want a look but can't find that magazine look without searching the universe for the perfect lamp.  I wont even go to the money aspect. So I am proud to be creative!! 
A little spray paint in cream, a diamond jewel from my old sandals and some seashells glue gunned to the bottom= cute little lamp
I have more to come just some updates and fun.  

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