Tuesday, May 29, 2012

new lights and a trash to treasure project

 Hi Friends! We had a great weekend.  I bought a new laptop so I am in the process of moving things and getting used to everything. I like this new blog format on blogger.  I feel like a big dummy not knowing I could have made pictures larger for some time now.  You can hit any picture to make it larger but I did not know I could post them larger without special coding. I took this picture a while ago and have since changed out the shaded to white and moved these sea grass shades above the dining table. I wanted to go with more of a chandelier look even though I wanted to keep my coastal feel.  So I found some fake crystals at Lowe's and decorated up my Ballard lights a bit.  I am really happy with the light fixtures they turned out exactly they way I had envisioned.  Nothing to heavy, to girly, to modern, to country, to glamorous.  Just something classic, I love them.

 The off white shades glammed up a bit

 Better view of my counters. I really love the counters!! I love how easy they are to clean and how durable they seem to be. 
 The back splash is coming next week but I painted it anyway. I had to get rid of the horrid mustard yellow. I can not believe how much I love this oven. When we first moved it came with a glass electric top.  I kept burning food and it never cooked even.  My new stove is a dream!!
 Found this piece of junk at the Goodwill one day. It as $80 marked down to $40. I asked them if I left the mirror would they take anymore off.  The mirror was in great shape but I didn't need the mirror and the mirror would probably make them more money then the beat up dresser.  I don't know why but I liked this dresser even though it was rough.They said yes, $15!!  Oh ya!
 Lots of wood filler putty.This stuff is great. If your painting you can just fill stuff in including huge missing chunks of finish.
 This was a bit tricky, the dresser had lots of beat up spots. There were pieces of wood veneer that were chipping bad.  I had to rip some of that off in order to get a even look. There was also bubbling on the sides and front that needed repaired. 
 Not perfect, but I like it.  I painted the top my favorite gel stain in mahogany and then painted the rest Dover White.  I used the original hardware except the middle drawer it was missing. 
Fun!  You never know what will find me next. I am finding that I really don't need anymore stuff but the fun of finding vintage items is so rewarding.I love to find treasures. 
 Busy night of baseball and I still need to stay up and get some things done.  Thanks for all the prayers for Drew and notes from friends. I really appreciate your comments and concern.


  1. your kitchen looks amazing Katie!! I hate my electric cooktop and sooooo miss cooking on a gas stovetop. That is definitely on our list of things to change someday!

    Great job on the dresser too!!

    So glad you are getting all settled in and loving your home!


  2. it's absolutely beautiful! love your hard work, making things beautiful. It's what God does to us!


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