Monday, May 21, 2012

He never said it would be easy

 Since this blog is real life I don't want to paint a perfect picture.I have had many emotions and one of them being that is seems that in blogland, facebook, and at church everyone seems so perfect. I need to take a break from the blogs because I am wondering where all the real people are?? From the magazine like pictures of their homes to the model like kids and husbands that excel in every area of their lives.  Perhaps I am feeling a bit jaded and angry because my life isn't a fairy tale. As much as I would love to say that my kids are perfect, I'm perfect, my husband is and we are just so happy that would all be a fantasy. The place that I am in is not where I will stay but I am sure looking around my perception is off. It is true when you face saddness that your eyes develop blinders to the beauty of everything else going on. Some days I am okay and other days I am not so okay. You see my little boy Drew has already been through some stuff as a baby and God took care of this little man and for many years all has been well.  On friday he almost fainted at school and I received the dreaded call that no mother ever want to get. They didn't know what was wrong but he was going down hill and he was very pale. I needed to come right now. These are the moments that frighten you to the core and you react to move but you really feel like your life is flashing in front of you.  We went from E.R locally here to Pittsburgh Childrens. At this point we felt better that it was nothing life threating but his blood work was showed him as being severly anemic. I had no idea he was sick but looking back hindsight is 20/20.  I can look back now and say he has been really tired and didn't want to play outside or take walks. His stomach has been huring him on and off for about a year.  I have taken him to the Dr. twice for this and they though it was IBS. We were at Childrens for a few days and found out he has Crohns. I have cried my eyes out and I have felt every emotion you could feel but we are accepting that we now know so now he can get treatment and feel better.  I often ask God why? Why my son and why do certain people seem to have to go through so much where others not so much.  I often wonder if others are good at covering up problems or others get the easy pass?  Out of all things in life seeing your child in pain is the worst thing ever.The pain of your child being sick and you not being able to help them or take it on yourself is crumbling. As time goes on we will be okay and Drew is already feeling better.  That is the silver lining to this story. Since he has been home from the hospital he has played all day long!!  No complaining or siting out because of exhaustion. His quality of life is much better and for that even with a diagnosis he is healthier for it.  So making lemonaide out of lemons he is going to enjoy more mommy hugs and once again I am reminded how precious life really is. He has a wonderful Dr. and in due time things will calm down and life will move on. If you could keep us in your prayers that would be great. Drew also has to drink 3-4 Pediasures a day and take a lot of medicine it is hard to explain it all to him when he just wants to go back to normal life. It all could be so much worse but I spent Mothers Day at the Childrens Hospital and although life is not all rainbows I am glad to be a mother. That is what motherhood is all about loving your kids through all times and being there to take care of them. My mom was there that day for me too, she was there taking care of me and so I could be strong for Drew. Thank you mom!
 It feels so good to be home. There Is No Place Like Home.
Yesterday we went to the Zoo and we had a great time.  Things are going to be okay(: All the kids had a great time. Drew looks healthy and he had energy the whole day. 
My life circumstances might not be perfect but I am forever greatful for my family and that is as true as true can be. So as I write this blog post I am feeling better. I want to be the kind of person that can help others and use all the junk good and bad to turn the tests into testimonies.


  1. So sorry to hear about Drew, but so glad to know this was NOT a surprise to God!

    Hope he's feeling great again soon.

  2. I'm so glad your mom could be there for you, too! Prayers for God to ease the weight on you re: the pressure of managing his treatment!

  3. I am glad Drew is feeling better. Love you guys. Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe how green it is! I must come see it in person one day. Call me when you get a chance. I know when I go through tough times, the last thing I want to do is talk but when you feel like it, give me a ring! Love you friend!

  4. I haven't been to your blog in a LONG time but just stumbled on it again. I'm so sorry to hear about your son but glad that God is already helping him. I feel like life, at least for me, is full of so many ups and downs. Unfortunately when you're in the midst of one of those down times it's often hard to remember that God always brings you through it! I'm praying that God brings you, your son and family through this hard time so you can enjoy what He already has planned for the next "up."


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