Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching Up..Kite, Baseball and summer

 Catching up a bit here. I have so many pictures.  I love to take pictures!! I have been thinking lately about getting back  into photography. It really is enjoyable to me, even if I just take pictures of my kids and nature it is very relaxing. We have the best yard ever for photography. I may even start taking some family shots here and there. In Columbus I was starting to get some work and it was fun money. It is time consuming but theraputic. I am not the best or anything but seem to have a eye for it. Mostly I just like to have fun!! These are from a month or so ago but Lauren really enjoyed her Easter basket kite. She was running full blast laughing and giggling the whole time.  She is so mischievous and spunky. You can't help but love her even though she keeps me on my toes.
 Here she comes!!
 She did a great job and it was a nice windy day to help
 My beauty
 Jaden's baseball team.  I think it is going to be a his last year.  My scientist is just to interested in finding his next specimen to study or rocket to build. I am so happy that he loves reading, science and history.  What a brain on this kid.
Miss Reds Model Lauren Grace.  We went to the Pirates game here a couple weeks ago.  We are Reds fans although we like the Pirates we defiantly went for our Reds that day. 
 Lauren even got a ball but then threw it back on the field, ha ha.  We had a police officer go retrieve our special game ball.

 Beautiful Stadium. Pittsburgh is a very neat city. Gone are the days of the dirty city stereotype.  They cleaned everything up and it is a very trendy place with lots of restaurants and shopping.
Jaden even got a few signatures from some Reds Players
We were walking around a bit to get out of the sun and Fox Sports stopped us and a few other kids. The kids sang America The Beautiful and Take Me Out To The Ball Game.  I thought I might see it on the big screen but as I was videoing with my phone I receive a text from my friend Alison in Ohio telling me my kids were on TV.. How neat!!
This picture cracks me up.  They let the kids run the bases after the game. My husband who is a die hard baseball fan who almost made it to the big leagues (sadly for us he didn't ha ha, to bad) He wanted to run the bases too. Since Lauren is so unathletic she needed help running around the field.
Drew is my little sports man.  He loves Baseball!!  He is his fathers son. Since he is feeling better he wants to play catch day and night. I think I will have many more baseball games ahead of me.  I can't even get started on Lauren.  She will be starting some sports soon and is very athletic. The girl runs as fast as me and loves balls.  We shall see.  So neat to see the kids become who they want to be in life.  I love that they are all so different.
Drew had Pig Day at his school last month. I have never heard of Pig Day but what a fun day he had.  First of all I love the kids school.  They have so much fun and have great teachers!!  The whole day they celebrated all things Pig. Along with Pigging out all day long he brought home his feed sack and hid it in his room.
I never knew how beautiful Pennsylvania is. There are so many tree and hills. I love our street. This is looking up our road and this is from my driveway.  These pictures are from a few weeks ago today  it is even greener and fuller now.
This is the side of our house.. That is where our kitchen is. I really love our home it is very unique and one of a kind. One other neat thing about the Pittsburgh area is that there are many older homes that have character. There are not a ton of cookie cutter houses.  The older homes are kept nice and everyone around here seems to keep there yards up. We have a large older population here as well and I love to walk the neighborhood and look at all the beautiful flowers and landscapes.  Below is the front of the house close up. I am loving all the bushes and trees.  We may need to have a few trees taken out and trimmed that is the only problem is that we have lots of shade and it makes it hard to grow grass and the trees require lots of up keep from fallen branches, and debris. I feel a little caught up now more adventures to come....

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  1. precious beautiful pictures Katie. Pennsylvania is beautiful!! (not as beautiful as your sweet family though :-)


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