Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 and fun

I feel like a broken record but we have been so busy. Crazy, but I think we have had some reality checks on realizing we can't get it all done in a day. So we are trying to enjoy life a bit. The house is moving along and I will post some pictures of our new updates soon. We have had a few set backs as well. As you tear into a older house you found things that need fixed, blah..My mom and dad came this weekend and helped with our floor and a few other things. I am so thankful they came to help and for moral support. My mom is so good at helping me calm down and being positive. Thank you mom!!
Above: Here we are having our annual home Easter egg hunt. It was quite fun and the kids really enjoyed finding eggs amongst the woods.Coloring of the eggs, the boys were not as into it as Lauren. It is sad to see Jaden growing up and not as into some of the more little kid things anymore.Lauren wanted them all Pink and Purple of course.
Drew with is faux hawk. For a while he went with this come over thing and it looked awful but that is how he wanted it. About a month ago he went back to his beloved Mohawk and I am so glad. After he went to school and received some praise from the girls I think the comb over is gone. This boy is so picky with his hair and clothes it is so funny but so annoying. Every morning is a battle with the clothes, don't people typically say this about their girls, lol. He is my Mr. G.Q so apparently this is probably normal for a ladies man. This picture is over exposed but so cute. Our church had a big Easter egg hunt and activities. What a cute dog and cute people.Waiting in line for Lauren's prized hot dogs my kids were being their typical selves. Constantly pestering each other, anyone else's kids constantly playing grab A-- as my husband says?The loot. Easter is fun, we don't try and make a huge emphasis on the toys and candy although they love them and enjoy the gifts they love that Jesus died on the cross and rose. It is really profound to see your kids explain it to each other and understand it more then most adults. We watched a little of the Passion and it is pretty intense but they wanted to see and I don't want to hide what Christ did for each one of us. My mom celebrated her 60th birthday last week, we wanted to have a cake as well. My mom is amazing and kind. Happy Birthday Mom!!
I really can't believe how big Lauren is getting. Must be all her hot dogs!! She is so tall!! Drew is shorter and stalker though so it may appear she is even taller. These two get a long most of the time.My 3 Blessings!!Jaden (9) The Professor- Wise beyond his years and very inquisitive.Drew(7) The Clown- He is very funny and has a great sense of humor and can dance, he has moves.Lauren(4)-The Queen of the house. She has spunk and drama, watch out world she is ready!Our familyCute picture wish my walls were painted and floor in, but hey the yellow looks springy for the pictures. The kids love their Nana and Grandpa Christy.Love these kids!!Drew picture, hey we don't get many of Rob and I together. I will never forget the mess of my house from these picture, good times.Mom and me
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I thank God for everything He has done in my life and for the family He has given me. Life is a journey and at times flat out frustrating but yet so precious and beautiful. So glad He conquered the grave!

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