Friday, April 20, 2012

Dream come progress

We have counters now and our wood floor is done. It feels so much better just to have counters and floors. We decided to leave our existing floors and try and add onto them into the old dining room where we took the wall out. To have the floors all re- done it would have been around 10,000!! Can you imagine..I just couldn't do it since the wood flows from our entry to hall, bath,laundry, and kitchen it would have been a lot of flooring to take out that was still in nice shape. I decided to match up flooring the best I could and pray and hope it looked good. My dad bless his heart offered to put it in so we saved $1400 in labor. So Rob and him worked hard last week and it looks great. Unless you knew that it was matched up you would not tell. I have more details if your interested just e-mail me. I tried to flow it together more naturally since it is impossible to get a perfect match from 10 years ago and with sun fading etc.. I had a little bit of the old flooring in the basement and I intertwined it with the new. It looks great.All that is left is back splash, pendent lights and little touches. It is hard to see the counter tops since it was really sunny in the house but they are quartz called Lyra. They look like marble with light gray swirls. They are very light and airy just the look I was going with. I would have loved marble but no way with the upkeep and spills we have.I will post more pictures soon, I also painted the kitchen Cape Hatteras Sand by Benjamen Moore. We still have a few things to finish I can't wait till I have curtains and decorations. I have many more posts to come with some more updates and other happenings around here.
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  1. It's gorgeous Katie! I love all your choices! How awesome that you found granite that looks like carrara marble! You've done a fabulous job! So glad it is all coming together for you!

  2. So bright & airy! You are amazing!


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