Friday, April 20, 2012

Dream come progress

We have counters now and our wood floor is done. It feels so much better just to have counters and floors. We decided to leave our existing floors and try and add onto them into the old dining room where we took the wall out. To have the floors all re- done it would have been around 10,000!! Can you imagine..I just couldn't do it since the wood flows from our entry to hall, bath,laundry, and kitchen it would have been a lot of flooring to take out that was still in nice shape. I decided to match up flooring the best I could and pray and hope it looked good. My dad bless his heart offered to put it in so we saved $1400 in labor. So Rob and him worked hard last week and it looks great. Unless you knew that it was matched up you would not tell. I have more details if your interested just e-mail me. I tried to flow it together more naturally since it is impossible to get a perfect match from 10 years ago and with sun fading etc.. I had a little bit of the old flooring in the basement and I intertwined it with the new. It looks great.All that is left is back splash, pendent lights and little touches. It is hard to see the counter tops since it was really sunny in the house but they are quartz called Lyra. They look like marble with light gray swirls. They are very light and airy just the look I was going with. I would have loved marble but no way with the upkeep and spills we have.I will post more pictures soon, I also painted the kitchen Cape Hatteras Sand by Benjamen Moore. We still have a few things to finish I can't wait till I have curtains and decorations. I have many more posts to come with some more updates and other happenings around here.
Be Blessed,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 and fun

I feel like a broken record but we have been so busy. Crazy, but I think we have had some reality checks on realizing we can't get it all done in a day. So we are trying to enjoy life a bit. The house is moving along and I will post some pictures of our new updates soon. We have had a few set backs as well. As you tear into a older house you found things that need fixed, blah..My mom and dad came this weekend and helped with our floor and a few other things. I am so thankful they came to help and for moral support. My mom is so good at helping me calm down and being positive. Thank you mom!!
Above: Here we are having our annual home Easter egg hunt. It was quite fun and the kids really enjoyed finding eggs amongst the woods.Coloring of the eggs, the boys were not as into it as Lauren. It is sad to see Jaden growing up and not as into some of the more little kid things anymore.Lauren wanted them all Pink and Purple of course.
Drew with is faux hawk. For a while he went with this come over thing and it looked awful but that is how he wanted it. About a month ago he went back to his beloved Mohawk and I am so glad. After he went to school and received some praise from the girls I think the comb over is gone. This boy is so picky with his hair and clothes it is so funny but so annoying. Every morning is a battle with the clothes, don't people typically say this about their girls, lol. He is my Mr. G.Q so apparently this is probably normal for a ladies man. This picture is over exposed but so cute. Our church had a big Easter egg hunt and activities. What a cute dog and cute people.Waiting in line for Lauren's prized hot dogs my kids were being their typical selves. Constantly pestering each other, anyone else's kids constantly playing grab A-- as my husband says?The loot. Easter is fun, we don't try and make a huge emphasis on the toys and candy although they love them and enjoy the gifts they love that Jesus died on the cross and rose. It is really profound to see your kids explain it to each other and understand it more then most adults. We watched a little of the Passion and it is pretty intense but they wanted to see and I don't want to hide what Christ did for each one of us. My mom celebrated her 60th birthday last week, we wanted to have a cake as well. My mom is amazing and kind. Happy Birthday Mom!!
I really can't believe how big Lauren is getting. Must be all her hot dogs!! She is so tall!! Drew is shorter and stalker though so it may appear she is even taller. These two get a long most of the time.My 3 Blessings!!Jaden (9) The Professor- Wise beyond his years and very inquisitive.Drew(7) The Clown- He is very funny and has a great sense of humor and can dance, he has moves.Lauren(4)-The Queen of the house. She has spunk and drama, watch out world she is ready!Our familyCute picture wish my walls were painted and floor in, but hey the yellow looks springy for the pictures. The kids love their Nana and Grandpa Christy.Love these kids!!Drew picture, hey we don't get many of Rob and I together. I will never forget the mess of my house from these picture, good times.Mom and me
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter. I thank God for everything He has done in my life and for the family He has given me. Life is a journey and at times flat out frustrating but yet so precious and beautiful. So glad He conquered the grave!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Having fun with painting...

I love to paint walls and furniture it's one of the cheapest most effective ways to change a room. Now painting trim is not fun at all that is a different story. About 50% of our house has dark trim which we are changing over to all white. It is very time consuming and boring, sorry for my negative thoughts but I am so sick of painting door trim(: I wanted to share some of my painting tricks that I have learned through the years.

Here are my painting tips

1. Good paint and brushes make all the difference.This Glidden paint above is so good. It is $26 a gallon and it has primer built in it. It is so nice because you only need one coat of paint plus a touch up coat here and there. You end up saving time and money.

2. I started using green Frog Tape instead of the blue tape, it works so much better!!

3. Buy a Purdy brush,Wow! So worth the money. I bought the thinner 1 1/2" brush for corners and trim. It is so precise you don't even need to tape if your careful. I also love the edger flat paint brush with wheels. I also use this tool for painting areas where I don't want brush marks, it is so smooth. The wheels can be a pain if you get paint on them. If you turn the brush sideways on the wall and roll the wheels your sure to get off any paint left on the wheels before you make a pass against the ceiling.

4. I reuse paint brushes by washing them after use. I also put paint brushes in plastic sandwich bags if I need a break or even if I stop and want to continue the next day. It saves messy clean up when your not ready. The brushes are still wet with paint the next day with no problems.

5. If you don't have a tray you can use a trash bag over your metal tray, it works good in a pinch.

6. Save paint from each room even if it is a little bit in Tupperware containers or baby food jars. You can easily remove the lid for touch ups and it stays fresh. Label the jars and throw the big paint can away.

7. My last tip is to look up paint colors online and google them in images to see if you like them as much as you did at the store or on your paint swatch. With so many blogs now your sure to see a image of that paint color swatch you loved on a actual persons wall. Let them be the Guinea Pig. This is how I decided on my paint colors and so far I have been happy with them.

The colors I have picked so far are all Sherwin Williams colors matched at Home Depot in the Glidden paint in a eggshell finish.

Above: The ever so popular Comfort Gray. This is a nice color but depending on your room and lighting can look green or blue. This is a picture from my new powder room, blog post to come..

Below: Our living room used to be 90's peach. This color is called Ramie, we are going to continue it into the entry way and upstairs. It is a nice lighter warm tan. Not to dark but not to light. I also used this in Rob's office, boys room and plan on using it in the basement.

I love my pictures!! I think Ramie will look great on this staircase wall.

Here are the colors I have used so far. I probably won't go with more then four colors in the whole house. I like everything to flow and not be to busy. Oh, Lauren's room is light lavender that doesn't count (: That was a non-negotiable for my little lady!!

This is Relaxed Khaki I used this in my beach room. It has green undertones, but is a brown tan.

Ramie A warm tan that is not dark at all.

Comfort Gray a green/blue/gray depending on lighting.

I like that these colors change throughout the day depending on time of day and what lights I have on. I am trying to go with lighter neutral colors that are still warm and friendly but not drastic. Since our yard has so many trees it can be dark inside so I am pleased with these colors so far.

Love this website this will help you with paint colors!!
I will be posting our powder room transformation next..Defiantly blog worthy!!

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